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Ani Mshetsyan

Samvel Babayan called on new authorities of Armenia to confess for  whom they are carrying out illegal actions in Artsakh

Samvel Babayan called on new authorities of Armenia to confess for  whom they are carrying out illegal actions in Artsakh

ArmInfo.It would be very commendable  if the new authorities of Armenia honestly admitted whom they support  in the presidential elections in Artsakh, and for whom they are  carrying out their unlawful actions. Former Minister of Defense of  Artsakh Samvel Babayan wrote about this in his statement, claiming  the presidency of the republic.

The statement, in particular, notes: "From the first days of the  revolution, we were full of hopes that a new system would come to  power, which would refuse not only the representatives of the  previous government, but also the old mores. The new power will come  with honest intentions and give impetus building the state on new,  higher principles. The people rose to their feet and united forces  all rejected all the old. The old government, which drowned the state  in lawlessness, " Bababyan said.

However, as Babayan points out, recent events have strongly doubted  these conclusions. "Recently, the leadership of the Defense Army  compiled a list of officers and forced them to sign a document  stating that the Armed Forces on political issues should remain  neutral, and everything was set up under the relevant article of the  Constitution. However, the Constitution does not say anything about  the prohibition of servicemen from participating in signature  collection and non-political events", emphasized in the statement.

Babayan also stressed that apart from fighting with an external  enemy, a military officer is also a guarantor of Artsakh's internal  security. "If an officer is a citizen of a country, and you deprive  him of those rights that he has under the Constitution, you weaken  those values in accordance with which he ensures security in the  country. You deprive the officer of the right to a civil position in  the country protects, it is a gross violation of human rights, "the  statement says.

Further Babayan calls on the new authorities of Armenia, which have  the support of the majority of citizens, not to take such  unflattering steps. "It would be very commendable if the Armenian  authorities honestly admitted who they support in Artsakh, and for  whom they are carrying out these illegal actions.  Our entire team  intends to act within the law, which means that the actions that we  observe will not prevent us from taking our next steps. We appeal to  the Armenian authorities, because without the knowledge of the RA  Ministry of Defense, the NKR Defense Army would not have resorted to  such actions. And if anyone doubts the veracity of our statement, we  are ready to provide relevant evidence, "Babayan concluded.

To note, according to the information spread in the media, the  leadership of the Artsakh Defense Army forced the officers to sign a  document prohibiting them from participating in election meetings and  collecting signatures. Meanwhile, Samvel Babayan organizes the  collection of signatures to amend the Constitution, the relevant  article of which prohibits candidates who do not live in Artsakh for  10 years from running for president. 

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