Wednesday, May 22 2019 18:26
Tatevik Shahunyan

Union of Judges urges to refrain from public statements discrediting  the re-nome  of judges

Union of Judges urges to refrain from public statements discrediting  the re-nome  of judges

ArmInfo. The Union of Judges of  the Republic of Armenia made a statement regarding the statements  made in recent days, "discrediting the honor and dignity of judges,  degrading the authority of the judiciary"The statement, in  particular, states:

"The Union of Judges once again considers it  necessary to draw the attention of the authorities of the Republic of  Armenia, officials, public and political organizations, the media,  and citizens to the fact that the independence and impartiality of  judges is an absolute prohibition any interference with the  administration of justice and disrespect for judges, in all rule of  law states and in the Republic of Armenia, are of paramount  importance and as constitutional ravovye principles are guaranteed  and protected by the state.

The society is obliged to respect the principle of independence of  the judge, not to put pressure on him, not to interfere in the  administration of justice. itmeans that any person should exercise  caution and restraint in his public speeches regarding the activities  of the courts and judges. According to the case law of the European  Court, the judges are given the highest degree of protection of their  authority compared to representatives of other branches of  government.Meanwhile, in recent days, attempts have been made of  gross public defiance of the principle of the independence of judges.  The reputation of the judge must be protected from any    encroachment.  Acknowledging the above, the Union of Judges calls  upon the authorities of the Republic of Armenia, officials, public  and political organizations, the media, as well as citizens to  display behavior based on the principles of the rule of law and the  rule of law, to refrain from public statements discrediting the  authority of judges, insulting judges and questioning their  impartiality to the public>.At the same time, the Union recognizes  that the judiciary needs reforms that should be aimed at improving  the efficiency of justice in the country and strengthening the rule  of law. 

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