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Emmanuil Mkrtchyan

EU supports the Armenian government in the implementation of profound  and comprehensive judicial reforms

EU supports the Armenian government in the implementation of profound  and comprehensive judicial reforms

ArmInfo.European Union believes that profound and comprehensive reforms in judicial and legal system are important for Armenia, the head of the EU delegation in Armenia,  Ambassador Piotr Switalski said in an interview with Factor TV.

The Ambassador believes that such reforms are necessary for several  reasons, and, in the first turn, because the majority of the  country's population does not trust the judicial system and without  major changes in this area to achieve restoring public trust is  impossible. In his opinion, lack of public trust in the judicial  system is the result of corruption and political manipulations that  were in the past. 

It is believed that these reforms should be carried out in accordance  with the Constitution and international commitments, including in the  framework of reciprocal obligations of Armenia and the Council of  Europe, as well as Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement  (CEPA). Official position of the EU, as the European diplomat  believes, is that Europe is ready to provide substantial technical  and financial assistance to this process. "We accept the statement  voiced by the Prime Minister on fundamental reform of the judicial  system and the Armenian government should know that in these  transformations it can fully rely on EU assistance.

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