Tuesday, May 21 2019 16:07
Tatevik Shahunyan

Head of Public Council of Armenia criticized recent actions and  decisions of Prime Minister Pashinyan regarding judicial system

Head of Public Council of Armenia criticized recent actions and  decisions of Prime Minister Pashinyan regarding judicial system

ArmInfo. On May 20, the Public Council held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the situation in the country and the activities of the judicial system of Armenia.

Many members of the Council expressed their concern about the appeal  of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to block the exits and entrances of  all the courts of the republic, noting that this style of action does  not proceed from the principles of building a rule-of-law state and  solving problems exclusively within the law.

Chairman of the Public Council Vazgen Manukyan, expressing his  opinion on Pashinyan's appeal, as well as on his subsequent speech,  said in particular: "The current situation can be very dangerous for  our country. The judicial system should be independent from both the  executive and legislative powers and from the pressure of the people,  guided only by the law. In case of disagreement by the verdicts,  there are appeal mechanisms, and the people cannot dictate their  decisions to the court. Yes, the judicial system causes us concern,  but it is not ideal all over the world. But the reforms are, of  course, necessary. In this regard, the Supreme Judicial Council has  broad legal powers, and without vetting or transitional justice these  problems can be solved. "

The Chairman of the Public Council, expressing his point of view on  transitional justice, also noted that there are no relevant  prerequisites for its implementation in our country, and this will  negatively affect Armenia's international rating.

Vazgen Manukyan expressed concern about the statements about the  Artsakh-Armenia relationship; made in the Prime Minister's speech; in  particular, about the provisions on "incitement to conspiratorial  war", "surrender of some territories and imposing responsibility for  the incident on the Armenian government".

He also called the intention to create an investigation commission of  the National Assembly to study the circumstances of the April 2016  war, which is dangerous and harmful.

Summing up, the Public Council stated that it would closely follow  the process of judicial reforms initiated by the RA Government and  the National Assembly and use its platform to organize professional  and expert discussions and present positions and proposals to the  government as a result of these discussions. 

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