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Ardshinbank Launches Savings Account

Ardshinbank Launches Savings Account

ArmInfo.Ardshinbank has launched savings account, allowing customers to put money into an interest-bearing account. Savings account can be opened in Armenian drams, interests are paid in case of minimum AMD 50,000 deposit. Interest rates on savings accounts, which are paid on a monthly basis, currently stand at 6 - 9,5% AIR, depending on the deposit term. The longer the deposit term and the higher the deposit amount, the higher the interest rate.

Opening savings account, withdrawing cash from the account, and making intra-bank transfers between the customer’s accounts are free of charge.

The savings account can be replenished and the transfers can be made through the bank's mobile app. To download the mobile banking app, please visit https://bit.ly/2Lvjeys.

For further details on savings account, please visit https://bit.ly/2WrbQoX or call Ardshinbank's 24/7 call center at 012222222.

Ardshinbank is one of the leaders in all key financial indicators of the RA banking system. It is the only private entity in Armenia that has issued euro bonds in international capital markets. Ardshinbank has assigned ratings from two international major rating agencies (Moody’s and Fitch) equal to the rating of sovereign. The Banker, a publication owned by the Financial Times Group, named Ardshinbank as “Bank of the Year in Armenia for 2018’’.

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