Tuesday, May 21 2019 11:52
Naira Badalian

Armenian government will replace its official fleet with electric  cars

Armenian government will replace its official fleet with electric  cars

ArmInfo.The Armenian government plans to replace its official fleet with electric cars. This is reported on the government page on Facebook.

The program will be implemented with grant funds in the amount of 700  thousand euros from the Global Environment Facility. At this stage,  as the Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Erik Grigoryan said,  the government intends to purchase 12 low-end, but comfortable  electric cars.  As the head of the Ministry of Nature Protection  pointed out, thus, the republic first of all solves environmental  issues, and then cuts down on its expenses. "Although Armenia does  not produce oil and gas, but produces electricity," he said. In this  context, the transition to electric cars will reduce dependence on  imported fuel.

Currently, electric cars are not so popular in Armenia, including due  to the lack of necessary infrastructures. At the end of 2018, only 33  were delivered to the country. But, as expected, infrastructures will  develop in parallel this year. As a result, the number of electric  vehicles imported into the Republic of Armenia will double at least  during this year. "Electric vehicles are the most optimal type of  transport: you can charge a car not only at a gas station, but also  from a home outlet," the minister said.  To recall, in Armenia,  import of electric vehicles is exempted from VAT.

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