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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Stepanakert: No one can be above the law, but the law cannot be  applied selectively.

Stepanakert: No one can be above the law, but the law cannot be  applied selectively.

ArmInfo. Artsakh President Bako  Sahakyan meets with representatives of the "My Step" faction of the  ParliamentArmenia on their initiative, and for the first time in the  walls of the National Assembly.

The spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan said this in an interview with journalists in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, adding that however,  this is not the first meeting of President Sahakyan with representatives of this political force.He also stated that the meeting with other factions at the moment is not scheduled.Speaking about the guarantee of the President of Artsakh for the second  President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, Babayan assured that Sahakyan  acted as a guarantor of the second President of Armenia and the first  President of Nagorno- Karabakh Robert Kocharian on the basis of  humanistic motives. "Bako Sahakyan's actions are not politically  motivated. One former president of Artsakh, another incumbent  president. This is an exclusively humanitarian step. As for  speculations about the fact that Bako Sahakyan's position is a  document of a guarantee, someone is a doctor, someone the driver, and  Bako Sahakyan is currently the president, and this is nothing more  than an indication of the position, "said a spokesman for the head of  Artsakh.At the same time, he assured that between Armenia and Artsakh  there wasn'tthere will be disagreements. 

"Hack yourself on the nose. Firstly - it's unpleasant,and secondly,  it is dangerous for statehood. We can't havedisagreement with Mother  Armenia, "Babayan stressed, recalling thatalmost all defeats in the  history of the Armenian people were due to internal contradictions.He  also did not agree that Artsakh can be a haven for  counterrevolutionaries. According to him, Artsakh is not in any of  the camps, and Artsakh and Armenia are one nation and two states with  their own laws. "We have one nation, two states. God forbid, Big Ike  will be created one day. Its structure and political forces are in  two different states. It's normal and normal not to interfere. The  consequences can be dangerous," Babayan said. He recalled that  elections will be held in Artsakh in 2020, there will be a new system  and new forces, but everything should be civilized, within the law.To  clarify whether the revolution can be exported from Armenia to  Artsakh, he noted that he does not exclude anything, but it carries  many threats to the statehood of Artsakh.Commenting on the incident  with an attempt to search the car of Artsakh Security Council  Secretary Vitaly Balasanyan in Yerevan, Babayan assured that no one  can be above the law. "And the law cannot be applied selectively.   There are no untouchables. But everything should be within the law.  If the car was stopped and there is an appropriate document, then of  course everything is according to the law. From the point of view of  the law, everything should be flawless," Babayan summarized. 

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