Monday, May 20 2019 20:28
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Artsakh National Assembly made a statement on the situation in  Armenia

Artsakh National Assembly made a statement on the situation in  Armenia

ArmInfo. The Artsakh National  Assembly made a statement in connection with the situation in  Armenia.

Thus, the statement of the NKR legislature, in particular, states:  "The processes in Armenia concern us all.  The only disturbing  circumstance in these processes are thoughtless comments from various  groups and individuals about Armenia and Artsakh, causing  controversy. Those processes that started a year ago and aimed at  strengthening the people's power and implementing reforms in all  spheres of public life, require the assistance and participation of  all of us. Consequently, the success of the Armenian government is  the success of all Armenians of the world - Armenia, Artsakh,  Diaspora". 

The night before, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the  mobilization of the people opposite the buildings of the courts since  the morning of May 20. Today, he said that the judicial system of  Armenia needs "surgical" reforms, since it does not enjoy public  confidence.

These actions of Pashinyan followed after the personal restraint of  Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan and ex-President of Artsakh Arkady  Ghukasyan changed the preventive measure against the second RA  President Robert Kocharyan, accused of overthrowing the  constitutional order. This decision caused dissatisfaction with a  part of society, which demanded to influence the court with a view to  revising it.  In the light of the current situation in some  socio-political circles of Armenia, there were accusations addressed  to Saakyan that he split the Armenian society with his act.

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