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Tatevik Shahunyan

"Sasna Tsrer": Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan should be isolated  from society

"Sasna Tsrer": Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan should be isolated  from society

ArmInfo. The "Sasna Tsrer" Party  made a statement regarding the latest processes in Armenia.

The statement reads, in particular: "Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan in 2019 on May 20 made an important statement containing  noteworthy accents regarding serious changes in the judicial system,  as well as neutralizing threats to national security related to  Artsakh.

The goals outlined by the statement largely coincide with our agenda,  in this regard we welcome Pashinyan's plans. However, to achieve the  goals you need to act systematically and consistently.  Pashinyan's  statement does not provide a full-fledged political and legal  assessment of the work of the courts, which makes it problematic to  "correctly diagnose and fully cure the disease of the national state  organism".

If the "Lavrov's plan" on the Karabakh settlement, twice interrupted  by the Sasna Tsrer uprising during the April four days, remains on  the agenda of the 5th column, and today it is ready to retain its  positions at the cost of surrendering the liberated territories and  separating Artsakh from Armenia it is necessary to be vigilant and  act in proportion to the threats - Serzh Sargsyan and Robert  Kocharyan should be immediately isolated from society on charges of  creating criminal cooperation and taking power through it, seizing  the state and turning it into an instrument of their crimes,  including treason>.

According to the statement, transitional justice, the necessity of  which was noted in the statement of the Prime Minister of the  Republic of Armenia, should be holistic and comprehensive, since the  crimes committed by the criminal community, usurping power and  seizing the state, were systemic, covered almost all spheres of life,  led to genocide consequences, putting statehood at risk. Transitional  justice, according to the party, should include criminal justice,  political, economic and undercover lustration.

"Cases of appropriation of power, seizure of the state, high treason  and other grave crimes of public and state significance should be  removed from the production of the existing law enforcement and  judicial instances and transferred to the proceeding justice  process," the statement reads.

The party also considers important the adoption of a new  Constitution, since all constitutional referendums were rigged, and  the system of state administration formed by the Constitution in  force today does not meet the criteria of constitutionality and  democracy.

"The Secretariat of the All-Armenian Sasna Tsrer Party confirms once  again that in the case of a systematic approach and a sequence of  Prime Minister, the RA is ready to contribute to the realization of  the goals stated in his statement," the party's statement said.

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