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Alexandr Avanesov

Nikol Pashinyan: We see our progress in cooperation with all regional  and global players

Nikol Pashinyan: We see our progress in cooperation with all regional  and global players

ArmInfo. Diversity creates dialogue, and dialogue leads to cultural exchange and mutual enrichment, which ultimately creates the conditions for progress.  Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced  this on May 15 at the opening ceremony of the "Dialogue of Asian  Civilizations" conference in Beijing.

According to him, which the press service of the government cites,  Armenians of Armenia and the Diaspora have historically formed a  worldview that has always been open for interaction with various  cultures, traditions and religions. The RA Prime Minister quoted the  great German philosopher Emanuel Kant, who wrote that in the  Christian world, Armenians have a clear commercial spirit, they reach  the shores of Guinea from the borders of China for trade operations,  and know how to deserve the peaceful hospitality of those states with  which meet. According to Nikol Pashinyan, this is the reason why the  monuments of the Armenian cultural heritage can be found in Jerusalem  and Istanbul, Tbilisi and Baku, Hong Kong and Calcut, Singapore and  Dhaka, that is, at least in all major settlements of the Great Silk  Road. Thus, the head of the Armenian government continued, "the  philosophy of today's conference fully corresponds to our values."  "We are grateful to the Chinese government for promoting mutual  understanding and cooperation between nations and are ready to  support you in efforts to achieve this goal.  Open conversation,  dialogue and the art of teaching each other is the right way to  establish harmony between nations," the RA Prime Minister said.

He recalled that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the  proclamation of the People's Republic of China, in connection with  which the head of the Armenian government congratulated the President  of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese people on this  date. During this period, the country has achieved numerous  achievements, impressive economic growth, progress in social and  cultural spheres. "Effective management, as well as inexhaustible  energy and dedication of the Chinese people have always been a  driving force towards these historic achievements," the head of the  Armenian government stated.  Nikol Pashinyan touched upon the events  in Armenia. According to him, last year there were fundamental  changes in the country, which were the result of a national movement  aimed at the desire of the people to build a better future for  current and future generations. "We managed to undermine the systemic  corruption and oligarchic economy, strengthen an independent judicial  system and create equal conditions for all enterprises. Our main goal  is to build a competitive, technologically developed economy and  modern society based on universal principles of equality, justice and  the rule of law. Today Armenia is a dynamically developing country  with stable governance, a viable economy and a modern pluralistic  society. At the same time, Armenia is a country thousands of years of  history. We have achieved our highest cultural achievements through  constant contacts and contacts with other cultures and traditions.   Consequently, like today, we see our progress in cooperation with all  regional and global players. We are against dividing lines,  artificial barriers and closed borders, our neighbors are still  supporting, creating security problems and economic barriers. Armenia  is involved in bilateral and multilateral cooperation covering a  wider region whether it is economic integration with the countries of  the Eurasian Economic Union, where Armenia is one of the founders, or  mutual rapprochement within the framework of the Eastern Partnership  of the EU or participation in the Silk Road economic zone. The  initiative, which Armenia joined in 2015, "said RA Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan.

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