Tuesday, May 14 2019 18:13
Ani Mshetsyan

Robert Kocharyan insists on questioning former members of the  Constitutional Court

Robert Kocharyan insists on questioning former members of the  Constitutional Court

ArmInfo. The second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, insists on interrogation of two former members of the Constitutional Court in the framework of the March 1,  2008 case.

On May 14, the second President of Armenia Robert  Kocharyan said in a speech to the court of general jurisdiction of  the administrative districts of Avan and Nor Nork, referring to the  episode of alleged pressure on the judges of the Constitutional  Court. It should be noted that in the accusation against Kocharyan  there is an episode according to which the second president of  Armenia at one time allegedly put pressure on the Constitutional  Court.

Kocharyan's lawyer Hayk Alumyan made a petition to question the  former President of the Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan and  judge Hrant Nazaryan. According to another lawyer, Ruben Sahakyan,  there are no testimonies in the criminal case confirming this  accusation. "If there is no such testimony, then it is excluded the  body conducting the proceedings, that is the prosecutor's office,  would allow the case to reach court, and moreover, press charges,"  the lawyer said.

The second President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, stated that the  answers to all these questions should have been received during the  investigation. "I see all this as a conscious, thoughtful, subjective  approach throughout the entire investigation. If people don't give  answers favorable for the investigation, the interrogation ends  quickly, and that's the whole point. At that time, a directed  investigation was conducted on this important episode. "It was just  necessary to interrogate these persons," Kocharyan stressed.

Judge David Grigoryan dismissed the motion of the lawyers, noting  that he would return to the question at another stage of the process. 


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