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Naira Badalian

Prosecutor General: David Sanasaryan was charged based on sufficient  factual information obtained in the case

Prosecutor General: David Sanasaryan was charged based on sufficient  factual information obtained in the case

ArmInfo. Armenian Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan urges not to doubt that an objective and comprehensive preliminary investigation will be conducted in a  criminal case connected with the head of the State Control Service  David Sanasaryan. Artur Davtyan stated this on April 24 in an  interview with journalists.

According to Davtyan, in fact, the factual data on the case in  accordance with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code of  Armenia were sufficient to bring charges against David Sanasaryan.  Naturally, as the Prosecutor General pointed out, for Sanasaryan  himself this means giving him a wide range of rights.  "The most  important thing is that he received the right to protection. Having  taken advantage of this right, he has already submitted a petition,  facts and data known to him," said Davtyan.

According to the Prosecutor General, at this stage, the supervisory  authority has already received a petition from the lawyers of the  head of the Service. The appeal refers to the removal of the charges  against Sanasaryan and the cancellation of the decision to suspend  his powers. In the complaint addressed to the prosecutor, the lawyers  also ask for the transfer of the case, which is being processed by  the National Security Service, to another body, citing the lack of  trust in the National Security Service in this case.  "There is data  in the document that still needs to be checked," he said.

When asked whether the Prosecutor General has information about the  possible "direction" of the case or that it is trumped up, Davtyan  noted: "As soon as the controlling prosecutor sees such risks, the  preliminary investigation body will lose the right to conduct the  proceedings".

To recall, on April 18, the head of the State Control Service of  Armenia David Sanasaryan was charged based on the part 1 of Article  308 of the Criminal Code (Abuse of power) of the Armenian Criminal  Code.  In particular, Sanasaryan is accused of using his official  position contrary to the interests of the service and non-fulfillment  of official duties, proceeding from his own interests, which caused  substantial damage to persons, organizations or the legitimate  interests of the state. "In relation to D.Sanasaryan, a preventive  measure was chosen as a subscription on his own recognizance. The  fulfillment of his duties as the head of the State Control Service  was temporarily suspended, the Prime Minister was notified of that,"  the case report of the Armenian National Security Service said.  Earlier, the National Security Service arrested two employees of the  SCS Samvel Adyan and Gevorg Khachatryan, as well as a representative  of a company connected with them. Gevorg Khachatryan was previously  released on a written undertaking not to leave the country, a similar  preventive measure is also awaiting Avdyan, whose arrest will end on  April 25, and the court on the eve refused the National Security  Service to extend the preliminary arrest.  According to the NSS, the  Acting Head of the Procurement Monitoring Department of the State  Control Service Samvel Adyan together with the chief specialist of  the same department Gevorg Khachatryan, having entered into a  preliminary conspiracy, based on personal interest, contrary to the  interests of the service, using his official position, during  2018-2019 illegally intervened in the procedures for the organized  procurement of controlled facilities in order to purchase medical  equipment necessary for the Ministry of Health of Armenia and a  number of medical centers aiming to ensure victory in the announced  tenders of the trade organizations sponsored by them.

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