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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Turkish government warns Armenia: Yerevan will not be able to  normalize relations with Ankara, making claims on the Armenian  Genocide

Turkish government warns Armenia: Yerevan will not be able to  normalize relations with Ankara, making claims on the Armenian  Genocide

ArmInfo.The Turkish government continues to insist that there was no Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

Thus, on the eve of the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide,  the Turkish government made another statement, which is quoted by  Azerbaijani Trend.

Thus, the Turkish executive authority publicly stated that allegedly  they say Armenia is "afraid" to open its archives in 1915, because  after that the whole world will receive evidence that the events of  1915 are not genocide, but "extermination and genocide of the Muslim  population in the Ottoman empire by the Armenians. " At the same  time, the Turkish government forgot that the documentary evidence of  the Armenian Genocide is presented in the Genocide Museum Institute  in Tsitsernakaberd, and anyone, including the Turks, can come and  familiarize themselves with this documentation.

Turkey also complained that Armenia refused to set up a joint  independent commission to investigate the events of that period.   "Ankara addressed Yerevan in 2005 on the opening of the archives of  1915 and the creation of an independent commission. If the events of  1915 were really an Armenian genocide, Yerevan would be ready to open  these archives," the Turkish government assured, justify the policy  of denial pursued by Ankara for decades.

At the same time, the Turkish government went further and assured  that all the claims of the Armenians regarding the events of 1915 do  not have a legal basis. "In the archives of Turkey, there are  thousands of facts about how Armenian gangs, with the support of  external forces, killed civilians in the provinces of Agra, Kars,  Erzrum, Van, as well as Turkish government officials during the  Ottoman Empire," the Turkish government said, forgetting to mention  as millions of Armenians, Assyrians and Pontic Greeks were brutally  murdered or deported from their original places of residence.

For more convincing, the Turkish executive body stressed that, unlike  Turkey, they say that there is still hostility and hatred towards the  Turks in Armenia.

"While not a single Turk lives in Armenia, Armenians live in Turkey  peacefully and without any problems.  Multinationality is one of the  main assets of Turkey," the Turkish government said, concluding by  saying that all actions Armenian lobby against Turkey, in the first  place, harm the interests of Armenians, who live in "poverty" in  Armenia itself.

"The Armenian authorities, instead of thinking about the benefits of  the genocide industry, should think about the future of their people.   If the Armenian lobby believes that by influencing the parliaments of  Western countries, it can somehow put pressure on Ankara, then it is  greatly mistaken. Yerevan simply will not be able to normalize  relations with Ankara, making claims of genocide, "concluded the  Turkish government.

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