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Tatevik Shahunyan

IC released new data on corruption crimes

IC released new data on corruption crimes

ArmInfo.In the Investigation Committee(IC) of the Republic of Armenia, statistical data on the progress of the investigation and the results of crimes of a  corruption nature in the production of various units of the RA  Investigation Committee were studied during 2018.

In the subdivisions of the Committee, 1.233 criminal cases were  instituted on the facts of crimes of a corruption nature, of which  1.077 were accepted for proceedings. The press service of the RA IC  informs.

According to analyzes, the number of criminal cases investigated in  connection with corruption crimes increased by 691.37 of them were  related to fraud committed with the use of official position, 315 -  misappropriation or embezzlement, committed using official position,  11 - causing property damage by deception or abuse of trust,  committed with the use of official position.

14 cases were associated with bribery, 3 with bribing participants  and organizers of professional sports competitions and solemn  commercial competitions, 78 with abuse of authority by employees of  commercial or other organizations, 194 - abuse of power or authority  41 - abuse of office, 89 - receiving a bribe, 143 - illegal obtaining  by a public servant who is not an official, 4 - using real or  perceived influence, 39 - giving a bribe, 4 - illegal compensation in  general chinery employee who is not the official, 3 - a request for a  bribe, 111 - forgery, 11- unauthorized seizure of land plots that are  state or municipal property, 11 - willful default of judicial  decisions, 125 - abuse of power.

The preliminary investigation of 448 criminal cases has been  completed. In criminal cases, 795 people were prosecuted). 77 of  these persons were detained, 62 people were released from arrest. 658  people were involved as defendants. A petition for the arrest of 53  people was submitted to the court, 5 of whom were rejected, 48 were  satisfied, bail was applied to 21 of them. 18 defendants were  released from custody.

Investigation of 107 criminal cases was completed with the  indictment, and the proceedings of 341 were discontinued. Production  in 21 criminal cases is suspended. According to the police, 58  criminal cases were sent to the court. 464 criminal cases were  transferred to the prosecutor's office in 2019. 335 people were  prosecuted for unfinished business. 398 officials were prosecuted.  Criminal prosecution officials committed corruption crimes in the  following areas: health care - 13 defendants and 1 suspect - director  of the clinic, director of the Medical Center, director of the  hospital, director of the community checkpoint, infectious diseases  specialist; Education-33 accused and 2 suspects - director of the  institute, head of university reserves, director of the university's  printing office, school director, school accountant, associate  professor of the university department, head of education, sports and  culture at the regional administration, college director,  kindergarten director, department head, deputy director special  school. In the law enforcement system - 1 accused is the security  officer of the RA State Police.

In the defense sector - 2 accused - Deputy Head of the Department of  the Contact Center and Security Zone of the RA Ministry of Defense,  former head of the financial department of the Material and Economic  Support Department.

In the field of social security - 55 accused and 1 suspect - senior  specialist of the post office, head of the service department of  Social Security, Social Service Specialist, Senior Specialist,  Director of the orphanage, head of the reserve of the orphanage,  chief accountant of the orphanage, head of the territorial agency of  the social service of the regional administration, specialist of the  territorial agency of the social service of the regional  administration, medico-social commission, public Officer, Head of the  Territorial Department for Social Assistance of the Municipality,  Head of the department of organization of social assistance and  cooperation with public organizations of the RA Ministry of Defense..

In the field of energy and natural resources - 2 accused - director  of a branch of forestry, deputy head of the state property management  department.

In the system of local government - 71 accused  - mayor, community  specialist, business executive, community head, community deputy  head, community secretary, community treasurer, head of agriculture  and nature conservation department of the regional administration,  director of municipal services, community deputy head, urban planning  department leading specialist Municipality, the inspector of the  Municipality, the head of the communal department.

In the field of defense and the armed forces - 114 accused and 10  suspects - Officer of the Mobilization Branch of the Military  Commissariat of Gegharkunik, RA Ministry of Defense, commander of a  military unit, platoon commander, detachment commander, company  commander, head of service, battalion head of battalion commander,  battalion commander, armament deputy, military head, military unit  deputy commander, military headquarters units, the head of the  automotive service, the head of the recruiting office, the head of  the 1st center of the military unit, the head of the domestic  service, the head of the department, the head of the current  satisfaction department, recruiting stationt, doctor, head of  department of the medical center, head of conscription department,  deputy military registration and enlistment office, head of  department for particularly important issues of operational  management of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, head of the  mobilization department group, head of the technical service, head of  the auto service, deputy for service, head of the canteen, head of  the service , head of warehouse, head of warehouses, head of ware  services, commander for armaments, head of communications center,  clerk of the secret unit, officer of the military unit, chief of food  service, AT and Head of Service, Head of the Financial Department,  Head of technical control points, the head of the medical center,  head of the secret section.

In other areas - 91 accused and 2 suspects - director of the library,  loan officer, employee of the Employment Agency, Forester, Engineer,  Head of Reserve, Director of SNCO, Director of the House of Culture,  Manager of the Bank, Deputy Manager of the Bank, Executive Director  of LLC, Chief Specialist of the Service Office of the Office of the  State Cadastre Committee, Director of LLC, Technical Inspection Head  of the same LLC, Deputy Head of Environmental Inspection of the  Ministry of nature protection of the Republic of Armenia, state  inspectors, head of the probation department of the city of Yerevan  of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, others.

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