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David Stepanyan

Kiro Manoyan: Armenia-Artsakh military-political agreement will be a  yellow card for Azerbaijan

Kiro Manoyan: Armenia-Artsakh military-political agreement will be a  yellow card for Azerbaijan

ArmInfo. The Armenia-Artsakh military-political treaty will be a yellow card to Azerbaijan. By signing a similar agreement, Yerevan and Stepanakert will make it  clear to Baku that it is impossible to permanently hold the  negotiation process on Artsakh following its own whims, Giro Manoyan,  Head of the Hay Dat office, Armenian Revolutionary Federation  Dashnaktsutyun, expressed such an opinion to ArmInfo.

"The signing of such a treaty is necessary, since this document will  formalize and provide the legal basis for the already existing points  of military-political cooperation. It is the treaty that will answer  many questions. For example, the Prime Minister will not have to  emphasize his own illegitimacy in the matter of presentation of  interests of Artsakh people. Finally, a legal basis will be provided  for Yerevan's repeated statements that Armenia is a guarantee of  Artsakh's security, "he stressed.  According to the analyst's  estimates, in a certain sense, Armenia has already recognized  Artsakh, for which there is a whole range of evidence, including the  Artsakh diplomatic mission in Armenia. Not excluding in this  connection the possible dissatisfaction of the OSCE Minsk Group  co-chairing countries, Manoyan believes that the conclusion of such a  treaty will greatly facilitate the process of international  recognition of Artsakh. And finally, the most important thing is to  allow Armenia to legally substantiate the need to bring Artsakh back  to the negotiation process.

According to his estimates, such a military-political treaty will  become the legal basis for resolving numerous issues of a  humanitarian nature. So if today only Armenia is engaged in these  issues, the agreement will open the possibility of their resolution  to the international community. At the same time, Manoyan is  convinced that the path of Armenia towards the international  recognition of Artsakh should be accompanied by readiness for any  steps taken by Baku.

Since 1992, the OSCE Minsk Group has been involved in resolving the  Karabakh conflict, represented by the co-chairs from Russia, the  United States and France. Currently, the settlement process is  nominally based on the Madrid Principles launched by the OSCE Minsk  Group Co-Chairs in 2007 and the Madrid Principles updated in 2009,  among other things, providing for the deployment of a peacekeeping  contingent in the conflict zone. 

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