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Ani Mshetsyan

David Sanasaryan called the charges against him fabricated

David Sanasaryan called the charges against him fabricated

ArmInfo. The head of the State Control Service David Sanasaryan responded to the accusations of the National Security Service of Armenia, on April 18, stating that the  accusation was fabricated.

On his page on Facebook, the latter, in particular, wrote: "The  struggle for the sake of the new Armenia continues. Most importantly,  do not despair, the basis of all our actions was love for the  motherland.

We must always remember that the path of struggle has always been  thorny, and victory is never easy.  What I am charged with is  fabricated, it does not need to be proved. I will report the details  later, "said Sanasaryan.

After that, Sanasaryan made another entry on April 19. He wrote: "Now  there is a large army of those who are trying to catch fish in muddy  water. Representatives of the previous government allegedly defend  me, trying to take advantage of the situation to weaken the current  government. Be that as it may, in any situation, during the  information crisis, stop at for a moment, and remember, the main  thing is the state interest. I am very encouraged by your support ",  said Sanasaryan.

In the Post Scriptum, he continues: "It would be more reasonable to  suspect me of killing Kennedy than of corruption," he concluded. It  should be noted that the head of the State Control Service, David  Sanasaryan, was charged under Article 308 (Abuse of office - Ed.) As  stated in the official message of the National Security Service, on  April 18, the investigator approved the prosecutor to suspend  Sanasaryan of his position, as was announced by the Prime Minister RA  Nikol Pashinyan. As a measure of restraint undertaking not to leave  the place was chosen. According to the report, the evidence obtained  as a result of the investigation shows that, being the head of the  Control Service, having the authority to appoint and dismiss  employees, give instructions, demand documents and information from  the facilities where they are checked, Sanasaryan, proceeding from  group interest, with the aim of the business of the company, which  was actually run by his employees, did not use his official powers in  the interests of the service, and also did not fulfill his official  duties. The preliminary investigation is ongoing. The matter concerns  abuses that occurred during the tender for the supply of dialysis  equipment to medical institutions, in which employees of the State  Control Service are also involved. One of them is arrested. According  to media reports, he was the one who testified against Sanasaryan.

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