Thursday, April 18 2019 17:46
Alexandr Avanesov

Armenian parliament starts discussing Garegin Baghramian`s candidacy  for PSRC chairman

Armenian parliament starts discussing Garegin Baghramian`s candidacy  for PSRC chairman

ArmInfo. On April 18, the National Assembly of Armenia launched discussions on the candidacy of Garegin Baghramian for the position of chairman of the Public  Services Regulatory Commission. Baghramyan's candidacy was presented  by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

As the candidate noted in his speech, the sphere of public regulation  is sensitive and of strategic importance for the country. On the one  hand, Garegin Baghramyan continued, the regulator should take into  account the interests of millions of consumers, and on the other  hand, do not discount the protection of investors' rights. The  challenges facing the sphere are also constantly changing, demanding  new approaches and solutions. According to the standards of the  European Union, countries should form such independent regulatory  structures that should be completely independent in their activities.  This standard is also fixed in the RA Constitution. The Commission,  cooperating with all interested structures, should focus on the  balanced approaches and decisions with respect to consumers and  investors. One of the most important tasks of the PSRC will be to  increase its independence, especially when making decisions,  including on tariffs, the formation of which is a complex process. If  the state sells inefficiently to the company, it concludes interstate  and intergovernmental agreements, for example, on gas issues, thus,  the possibilities for making PSRC decisions are limited.

To note, Garegin Baghramyan was born on July 22,1977, in Yerevan.   1984-1994 - Yerevan, English-language school 114, 1994-1998 - State  Engineering University of Armenia, Faculty of Economics and  Management of Fuel and Energy Complex Branches, Bachelor of  Engineering, 1996-1998- State Engineering University of Armenia,  Department of Economic Management Specialties, 1998-2000- State  Engineering University of Armenia, Engineering Management in Energy,  Master of Engineering, 2000-2002- State Engineering University of  Armenian (postgraduate study), Engineering Management in Energy,  engineer-researcher 1999-2002 - RA Energy Commission: First-class  Specialist of Technical Expertise Department, Tariff Policy  Department, then Leading Specialist of Tariff section of Tariff  Policy Department, 2002-2003 - Head of RA Natural Monopoly Regulatory  Commission, Tariff Section of Tariff Policy Department, Leading  Specialist, 2003-2004 - Public Services Regulatory Commission of the  RA, Tariff Section of Tariff Policy Department, leading specialist,  2004-2011 - Public Services Regulatory Commission of the RA, Chief of  Tariff section of Tariff Policy Department, 2011-2018 - Public  Services Regulatory Commission of the RA, Chief of Tariff Policy  Department, Since 2016 September 1 - National Polytechnic University  of Armenia, lecturer, Since 2018, June 11- Deputy Minister of RA  Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Since October 4, 2018 -  January 21, 2019 - RA Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural  Resources Since 22 January, 2019 - First Deputy Minister of Energy  Infrastructures and Natural Resources Registered in a Reserve PHD in  Technical Sciences (2003) He is the author of 9 scientific articles  and en educational-methodical manual.

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