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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Mnatsakanyan: Velvet revolution in Armenia does not have any  geopolitical overtones

Mnatsakanyan: Velvet revolution in Armenia does not have any  geopolitical overtones

ArmInfo. RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, who is on a working visit to France, spoke at the discussions on the Armenian foreign policy after  the Velvet Revolution, which took place at the French Institute of  International Relations with the participation of leading experts and  according to the Chatham House rules.

The press service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry told ArmInfo that  at the beginning of his speech Mnatsakanyan spoke about the  priorities of Armenian foreign policy, as well as the program of  reforms implemented by the government based on the broad mandate  received from the people. "The velvet revolution in Armenia is an  exclusively internal political process. I am sure that you will  remember the flow of people on the streets of the country demanding  changes and the Armenian tricolor was raised, there were no other  flags. The velvet revolution in Armenia has no geopolitical  overtones. It concerns us, our country and our people ", said the  head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, adding that Armenia's foreign  policy is based on a deep awareness of security, which is due to a  number of factors: the historical context, regional politics and  current world challenges.

According to Mnatsakanyan, over the past 27 years, Armenia has built  its security architecture, which is based on a comprehensive and  partnership security principle. At the same time, he added that this  principle includes military-political security, state and public  structures of Armenia, security of economic and social development.  The head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry also stated that in order  to ensure comprehensive security, Armenia interacts with its allies  and international partners, constantly assuming that the Armenian  foreign policy is exclusively pro-Armenian, and Yerevan never builds  its relations with one country at the expense of another.

During the discussions, Mnatsakanyan also presented the position of  Armenia on a number of regional and international topical issues. He  also touched upon the approaches and principles of Armenia on an  exclusively peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,  stressing that the settlement of the problem should be based on  respect for the indisputable right to safe and free residence of the  Artsakh people.

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