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Karine Melikyan

Ameriabank has the only loan portfolio in Armenia that exceeds $ 1  billion

Ameriabank has the only loan portfolio in Armenia that exceeds $ 1  billion

ArmInfo. Ameriabank has the only credit portfolio in Armenia that exceeds $ 1 billion, amounting to $ 1.166 billion as of January 1, 2019, against $ 9 million ten years  earlier (almost 130 times increase). The press service of the bank  told ArmInfo that primacy is also retained on assets - $ 1.612  billion, against $ 44.5 million ten years ago (an increase of more  than 36 times). The volume of investment attracted by banks increased  over 10 years (2007-2018) from $ 5.7 million to $ 132.7 million (an  increase of 23.3 times).Ameriabank also leads in total liabilities,  the volume of which increased over the ten-year period from $ 33  million to $ 1.426 billion (an increase of 43.2 times). 

Moreover, the funds raised from customers jumped in 2007-2018 from $  29 million to $ 906 million (an increase of 31.2 times).The bank also  holds leadership in terms of net profit, having increased it over the  past 10 years from $ 0.5 million to $ 22 million (an increase of 44  times). Only in 2018, the net profit of the bank increased by  37.3%.Over 10 years of active work, Ameriabank increased the number  of employees from 34 people. to 976 people, and in 2018 alone, the  bank's staff increased by 196 people.

"Attaching importance to the path and joint achievements with  clients, Ameriabank appreciates the contribution of each partner and  its team in ensuring continued growth and development of the bank. It  is thanks to this that Ameribank became the leading financial  institution in Armenia in almost all key indicators and plays a  leading role in the development of economy, was able to position a  unique corporate culture, and be a responsible structure in relation  to society. Ameriabank will continue to develop steadily, according  to its stratum Egypt, pursuing the most ambitious goals, "- said in a  statement the bank.According to the Financial Rating of Banks of  Armenia, as of January 1, 2019, prepared by ArmInfo IC, Ameriabank  increased its assets for 2018 by 15%, credit investments - by 12%,  keeping the primacy by the absolute value of these winners. In  corporate lending, the 1st position was also entrenched for  Ameriabank, with an increase in the volume of 2018 by 5.7%. But in  terms of retail lending, the annual growth was much higher - 65.3%,  with a rise in volume to the 4th position, which indicates the bank's  intentions to become a leader here. 

The bank is one of the leaders in lending to the industrial sector  (including the energy complex), agriculture, the construction sector,  trade, transport and communications, catering and services, mortgage  lending. Bank is also a leader in lending to SMEs. But the main  concentration of credit investments of the bank falls on the  industrial sector and trade. The net profit of the bank increased in  2018 by 37.3%. Ameriabank retains lead on demand liabilities - $  429.5 million, taking the 3rd position on term deposits - $ 395.4  million. On deposits of individuals (term and demand), Ameriabank  occupies the 2nd position - $ 403 million (with an annual growth of  7.8%).Ameriabank is also very active in the corporate bonds market of  Armenia, having started issuing its securities from March 2016.  AMX   is currently listed on the Armenian stock exchange AMXAmeriabank: 8  dollars in the total amount of $ 76 million, 1 euro for 3 million and  2 drams for a total of 5 billion, which are on the Abond and Bbond  lists. Along with this, in June 2016, Ameriabank, through its  investment manager, the company responsAbility Investments AG,  successfully placed debt securities of $ 20 million in 4 Luxembourg  investment funds.Recall that Ameriabank is a universal bank providing  investment, corporate and retail banking services in the form of a  comprehensive package of banking solutions. The bank has been  operating in the Armenian market since October 31, 1996. Ameriabank  has a branch network of 16 divisions, of which 10 are metropolitan  and 6 are regional As of January 1, 2019, the shareholders of  Ameribank are: Ameria Group CY Ltd. - 56.6%, EBRD - 17.8%, Asian  Development Bank (ADB) - 13.98% and ESPS Holding Limited - 11.62%.  The Bank annually Awarded distinctive awards from Euromoney, Global  Finance, The Banker / FT, from Commerzbank. Ameriabank is the only  organization in Armenia that has credit ratings of three agencies: S  & P (B +, with "Stable" outlook), Moody's (B1, with "Positive"  outlook) and Fitch (B +, with outlook "Stable").

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