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Ani Mshetsyan

Alain Simonyan: Competition announced for the best tex for the new  anthem of Armenia

Alain Simonyan: Competition announced for the best tex for the new  anthem of Armenia

ArmInfo. The Vice-Speaker of the  National Assembly announced that a competition was announced for the  best text for the new anthem of Armenia. About this live on his page  on the social network Facebook said Simonyan.He noted that he does  not argue that there are much more important problems in Armenia.  "But we will always have problems that will be more important," the  vice speaker stressed.

According to Simonyan, the working group, which consists of  representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church, and various  cultural figures will announce a competition for the text that will  be put to music by Aram Khachaturian and after 2 months the results  will be summarized and a new working version of the hymn will be  presented. The working group will include the representative of the  AAC priest Ter Asohik, musician Grigor Danielyan, chairman of the  Union of Composers Aram Satyan, chairman of the Writers Union Edward  Militonyan, director of the Komitas museum Nikolai Kostanyan,  director of the museum of Aram Khachaturian Armine Grigoryan,  academician Heinrich Hovhannisyan, the teachers, and the teachers, as  well as the teachers, as well as the teachers, the Fr Chairman of the  Committee on the Language David Gyurjinyan and Alain Simonyan  himself. 

At the same time, according to Shimoyan, he does not intend to  include this issue on the agenda of the parliament, and for the time  being, all discussions will take place exclusively in public  space.The vice speaker also noted that representatives of the ARF  Dashnaktsutyun party criticized him most of all. "The thing is that  the existing anthem is connected with the history of their party, and  the anthem is the bearer of Dashnak ideology," said Simoyan,In  conclusion, he assured that the issue would be resolved by consensus.  


Vahe Hayrikian
Very Bad Mr. Simonyan. It is bad to go to Communist anthem, You need to resign instead of dividing the Armenia nation. The current Anthem belongs to the Armenian nation and does not belong to any party. Mr. Simonyan, you need to educate yourself with the history of the Armenian nation and not what the communist preached and educated you. Hope your leadership will understand that you are playing with very touchy subject Stop communist propoganda

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