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Manvel Sargsyan: Oligarchic order was broken in Armenia, but the  threat of a return to authoritarianism remains.(video)

Manvel Sargsyan: Oligarchic order was broken in Armenia, but the  threat of a return to authoritarianism remains.(video)

ArmInfo.Through in Armenia, the oligarchic order that replaced  authoritarianism has been destroyed, but the threat of a return to  authoritarianism persists. Manvel Sargsyan, director of the Armenian  Center for Strategic and National Studies, said in an interview with  ArmInfo correspondent.

He noted that the social processes in the country should be viewed  precisely in the vein, that authoritarianism, which became a natural  way out of the situation when the country had to strengthen stability  in the 90s of the last century, was in fact taken hostage by the  criminal-oligarchic system based on an informal agreement on the  division of property and spheres of influence.

Meanwhile, according to the political scientist, the country is now  moving to the point where it becomes vitally necessary to consolidate  the gains of the velvet revolution by a number of institutional  decisions and a strategy aimed at the constructive construction of  inclusive state institutions. In the event of failure, Armenia is  threatened with a rollback to authoritarianism and, moreover, to  radicalization of life through the exit to the arena of radical  domestic political forces, some of which, in the person of the same  party Sasna Crer, have already begun to impose their demands on the  government. , the  political scientist gave an example.  At the same time, according to  Sargsyan, the weakness of the state administration of Armenia can  contribute to a fallback to authoritarianism, when all issues - from  major to minor details - will be solved solely by one person.  Nonprofessionalism and lack of public administration skills of the  new government team, its lack of understanding of how the governance  system should be built, its weak institutionalization or even worse -  its complete absence - will become a serious challenge to the  processes of democratic governance, which is based on a balanced  distribution of powers and responsibilities.

"As the practice of these past months has shown, the young members of  the Pashinyan team have serious problems in terms of making  independent decisions. Because of the lack of professionalism and  management skills, these young people themselves delegate  authoritarianism to their leader, "the political scientist  emphasized, noting that he himself calls this management" illiteracy  "or worse" semi-literacy ", characterized by ambitious ambitions,  when some level of reading or knowledge of foreign languages replaces  a complete misunderstanding of what you do. "There is no knowledge  about state-building, about state institutions, mechanisms of their  functioning," the political scientist stated with regret.

Sargsyan added that today's reluctance of Pashinyan can be considered  a threat of creeping into authoritarianism, although earlier he had a  different point of view, to revise the Basic Law of the country,  concocted by the country's leadership for the reproduction of the  criminal-oligarchic power structure.  

"Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with those who are in  support of the second president, Robert Kocharyan, because this  stratum of rich people should also have its representative place in  the political life of the country. I advised them not to engage in  nonsense, glorifying Kocharyan's role, supposedly "it should not be  touched, because this is the end of the state", but to come forward  with a legislative initiative on decapitalization, which will allow  the court's decision to return the looted capital to the state and  receive recognition of the legitimacy of capital from the broad  public strata> said Sargsyan.

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