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Tatevik Shahunyan

Pashinyan urged to abandon political racism

Pashinyan urged to abandon political racism

ArmInfo. Acting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan urged to abandon political  racism.

"We have to abandon the position on" whistling "of certain officials  who worked under the former authorities. I call this political  racism. In our office there are many officials who worked with the  former authorities - this is also the head of the National Security  Service , and the Minister of Emergency Situations, Felix Tsolakyan,  and the Chief of Police, Valery Osipyan. I don't understand the  position that if one person or another worked with the former  authorities, he should not be appointed to this or that position. I  repeat, this is political racism, and I urge to abandon it, "said  Pashinyan, citing examples from the Bible.

"The best disciple of Christ was the very apostle who had previously  subjected him to the harshest criticism," the acting president  recalled. The prime minister, referring to the appointment of the  ex-deputy head of the police Hunan Poghosyan as governor of Syunik,  which caused discontent of Syunik people.

At the same time, Pashinyan noted that if the people and the  government do not come to a consensus on this issue, then in Armenia  there is already an experience of changing unwanted authorities.

Nevertheless, as Pashinyan noted, direct democracy is being formed in  Armenia, but this does not mean that the prime minister or the  government should discuss all his steps with the people. "It's just  that people can express their position on our work during electoral  processes," he concluded.

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