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Raffi Hovhannisyan this time claims to be the mayor of Yerevan 

Raffi Hovhannisyan this time claims to be the mayor of Yerevan 

ArmInfo. The Heritage Party  decided to approve the appointment of its founder, Raffi K.  Hovhannisyan, as the Mayor of the Armenian capital in the early  elections scheduled for September 23. The corresponding decision was  made today at the executive meeting of the party's board.

According to the information, the first Minister of Foreign Affairs  of the Republic and the co-founder of the Orran Children's Charitable  Center, the Armenian Center for Strategic and National Studies and  the Armenian Association of Jurists, Raffi Hovhannisyan will be  joined by the current chairman of the Heritage Party  and the former  deputy Armen Martirosyan (who will lead the campaign), civil rights  advocate Hovsep Khurshudyan and more than 50 candidates from  professional, intellectual, women's and of the lively circles both  from the party itself and in the person of civil society as a whole.

"Heritage,as  an observer member of the European People's Party,  hopes to share with the citizens of Yerevan its vision of essential   modernization of the capital of New Armenia. This year Yerevan  celebrates the 2800th anniversary of its ancient predecessor Erebuni,  as well as its own 100th year as the modern capital of the country.  We are finally honored and empowered to expand our track record of  public service as an integral part of the heritage of our people's  victory, "Raffi Hovhannisyan said.

Recall that the former mayor of Yerevan, Taron Margaryan, who held  this post since 2011, announced his resignation on July 9. Actor Hayk  Marutyan (from the Civil Contract party), Zaruhi Postanjyan (leader  of the Yerkir Tsirani party), Ararat Zurabyan (Armenian National  Movement) will participate in the early elections to the Yerevan City  Council in September this year. The "Enlightened Armenia" Party and  the "Republic" propose the candidacy of the Minister of Justice of  Armenia Artak Zeynalyan. The daughter of the prominent Armenian  architect Arthur Tarkhanyan, the wife of the political prisoner  recently released and convicted by the former authorities for  organizing the riots, Andreas Ghoukasyan - Anahit Tarkhanyan (GALA  party) also expressed a desire to participate in the electoral  run.  The Central Electoral Commission of Armenia has appointed early  elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan on September 23. The  election campaign will start  on September 10. 

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