Monday, August 20 2018 13:54
Ani Mshetsyan

Raffi Hovhannisyan: "Heritage" discusses three candidates who can  lead the party list in the elections to Yerevan City Hall

Raffi Hovhannisyan: "Heritage" discusses three candidates who can  lead the party list in the elections to Yerevan City Hall

ArmInfo.The Heritage Party will  participate in the forthcoming elections to the Council of Elders with its list. Raffi Hovhannisyan, the head of the Heritage party,  stated this at a press conference on August 20.

He noted that today, on August 20, the party will hold a board  meeting, at which it will be decided who will head this list. "In the  Heritage party there will be a non-partisan approach, the list will  also include members of civil society.For now, we are discussing 3  candidates who can head this list - Armen Martirosyan, Raffi  Hovhannisyan and the name of a third person who is outside the  administration," Hovhannisyan stressed. , while not specifying who  exactly is the third candidate.

The head of the Heritage party also stressed that the party  representatives already noted their readiness to participate in the  elections with a single list. According to Hovhannisyan, their public  offer reached the addressees, however, received no response. "It  would be wonderful for the victory of the revolution to be fixed by a  single list, I hope that before the early elections to the Parliament  this problem will be settled," Hovhannisyan said.

The politician also expressed the hope that the elections to the  Council of Elders of Yerevan will be free and fair. Hovhannisyan  noted that the elections that will be held on September 23 will be  unprecedented in the last 20 years, as they will be the first  elections on which the people will make their choice. "I am confident  that the use of the state resource will be ruled out during the  elections to the Council of Elders, and we will do everything  possible to make our national revolution full," the head of the  Heritage Party concluded.

According to the decision of the Central Election Commission of  Armenia, elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan will be held  on September 23. The parties will have to submit documents for  participation in the elections until August 29, the final deadline  for registration is September 3. The election campaign will begin on  September 10. The Central Election Commission of Armenia also  established a schedule of key events for the preparation and conduct  of elections.

In accordance with the law "On local self-government in the city of  Yerevan", the mayor of the capital elects a council of elders,  consisting of 65 members and formed on a party principle on the basis  of citywide elections. If, following the results of the elections to  the city council, one of the parties receives more than 50% of seats,  then the candidate who heads the list of this party is considered the  elected mayor of Yerevan. If the candidate does not meet the mayor's  requirements, refuses the post of mayor or no party gets more than  50% of the seats in the council of elders, then the mayor is elected  by secret ballot of the council members. Comrade actor Hayk Marutyan  is nominated for the post of mayor from the party headed by the Prime  Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. The second largest parliamentary  faction Tsarukyan proposes the candidacy of deputy Naira Zohrabyan,  Zaruhi Postanjyan is nominated from the Yerkir Tsirani party. Recall  that the former Mayor of Yerevan, Taron Margaryan, announced the  resignation on July 9 after accusations of an inefficient township.

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