Tuesday, July 31 2018 13:31
Naira Badalian

Decision on arrest of second Armenian President Robert Kocharian will  be appealed today

Decision on arrest of second Armenian President Robert Kocharian will  be appealed today

ArmInfo. The decision of the court of first instance on the arrest of the second Armenian President Robert Kocharian will be appealed today in an appeal order. This was reported by one of the lawyers of Kocharyan - Aram Orbelian.

According to him, Robert Kocharyan does not plead guilty to the act  he is accused of, and the essence of the charge is not clear for the  defense.

At the same time, the lawyer refrained from giving reasons for  appeal. The Court of Appeal is expected to consider the complaint  lodged by them within 1-2 weeks.

On July 28 the first instance court of Shengavit district of Yerevan  granted the request of the Special Investigation Service of Armenia  about the election of arrest as a preventive measure against the  second President Robert Kocharian for a period of 2 months for the  overthrow of the constitutional order in the criminal case on  dispersal protest actions on March 1, 2008. In the overthrow of the  constitutional system, former Defense Minister Mikael Harutyunyan  (wanted by Interpol) and CSTO Secretary General Yury Khachaturov are  also accused during the March 1, 2008 events (he was released on  bail) Kocharyan himself even before the arrest called the charges  brought against him by political persecution. According to him, this  is a "vendetta" under the slogan of love and solidarity "velvet  revolution."

For today, according to official information, former President Robert  Kocharian is kept in the same conditions as all other arrested  people, since the legislation does not provide for privileges for  former presidents in places of detention. In which, it is not  reported. Nevertheless, the Office of the Human Rights Defender of  Armenia announced two days ago that the Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan  visited the second president at the Yerevan-Kentron UIU and the  latter did not file complaints about the treatment of the staff of  the penitentiary institution.


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