Wednesday, July 4 2018 12:23
Ani Mshetsyan

Armenian National Congress is ready to assist in investigation of  events of March 1

Armenian National Congress is ready to assist in investigation of  events of March 1

ArmInfo.The Armenian National Congress welcomes the efforts of the Armenian government to investigate the events "for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order in the Republic of Armenia from February 23 to March 1, 2008". This is stated in the statement of the Armenian National Congress.

In particular, the statement reads: "We believe that the fact that  the SIS has opened a criminal case is an important step in this  matter.We also believe that the Special Investigation Service was on  target, considering the fact of unconstitutional seizure of power by  the key to revealing the truth Kocharyan's regime, it is obvious that  the investigation of the case will inevitably lead to the disclosure  of murders, selective falsifications.

To close this page in the history of the Armenian state, the Armenian  National Congress is ready to render all assistance in the  investigation and to provide all the available documents to the  investigative bodies. In connection with this case, Congress appoints  ANC Deputy Chairman Levon Zurabyan as its representative.  "Earlier,  on the charge of involving the army in the political processes, the  post of Defense Minister Mikael Harutyunyan was arrested in 2008,  Deputy Minister was summoned for interrogation, and then Defense  Minister Seyran Ohanyan The agenda for the interrogation was sent to  the second president Robert Kocharyan.  To note, after the  presidential elections in Armenia in 2008 in Yerevan on March 1,  bloody events took place. A series of protests, against the results  of elections held on February 19, ended in clashes with law  enforcement agencies. As a result, more than 10 people died, about  230 people were injured. These events were never fully investigated,  the perpetrators of the direct execution of the demonstrators were  never found.  


Истоки проблем, требующие расследования, относятся ко времени правления Л. Тер-Петросяна. Эти годы впишутся в историю страны под распространенным названием - “темные”. В эти годы произошли переоценка народного добра в пользу власть имущих, вынужденный массовый исход людей из страны . Отсутствие ответственности, ставшее традиционным, и в дальнейшем привело к тяжелой ситуации в стране. И участие АНК АОД в судьбе страны кажется неприемлемым для общества.

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