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Ani Mshetsyan

Raffi Hovhannisyan was reelected as chairman of "Heritage"

Raffi Hovhannisyan was reelected as chairman of "Heritage"

ArmInfo.Raffi Hovhannisyan was again elected as chairman at the 11th congress of the Heritage party. Armen Martirosyan became the deputy chairman of the party. Speaking at the party congress, Hovhannisyan stated, in particular: "We will  never kneel, we do not have time to give up." According to  Hovhannisyan, there is an opportunity to unite efforts, and create a  new Armenia.

"Time to move from words to deeds. The authorities should know - we will not leave the country. We should look in the mirror to assess our past actions and start moving forward," said Hovhannisyan.

The speech said that it was necessary to involve everything from new  centers of struggle, to the periphery, to create permanent civil open  forums, ending with the non-recognition of anti-state and  anti-national laws and international treaties. One of the most  important topics for the Heritage Party is the plan to seize power.

Did not ignore Hovhannisyan and the opposition. In his opinion, there  are oppositional vulgar instigators who do not have the courage to  ask for forgiveness for their words. "Today we have a state coalition  and two oppositional factions in the National Assembly. We will  regard those who voted against the program of the coalition  government as an opposition and try to cooperate with them. We will  cooperate with all our partners, both in parliament and for its but  in all parties there are both normal people and vulgar  representatives of the opposition. As our opposition partners lack  conscience, courage to apologize, I apologize for the fact that we  have grown a lack of discipline We all die sooner or later, but I'm  ashamed that now this level is in the opposition environment, "he  said, without specifying who he meant.

Raffi Hovhannisyan, however, stressed that the key to progress is the  Constitutional Revolution. In his opinion, in order to create a  multifunctional body-management mechanism and thus fight against  power, the imperative is the implementation of the constitutional  revolution with the help of broad layers of political and civil  forces.

Raffi Hovhannisyan finished his speech with Nzhdeh: "Two things must  fill the human soul with admiration and respect - the starry sky  above the head and the law of morality in the heart." "I do not know  if there is a moral law in the hearts of today's followers of Nzhdeh,  but I would urge them all to follow these instructions," summed  Hovhannisyan. 

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