Tuesday, May 2 2017 16:52
Nana Martirosyan

Lukashenko: Belarus is able to provide foreign partners with access  to the market of the EEU

Lukashenko: Belarus is able to provide foreign partners with access  to the market of the EEU

ArmInfo.President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko assured that Minsk is able to provide foreign partners with access to the market of the Eurasian Economic Union. He stated this on May 2, accepting the credentials of the ambassadors of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Greece and other countries.

He said that Belarus is ready to provide representatives of foreign  countries with favorable conditions for the implementation of  constructive ideas and proposals. "Belarus currently chairs the  Central European Initiative. Thanks to this, the country has new  opportunities for wider involvement in European integration  processes. This year is also significant in that the session of the  Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and  Cooperation in Europe will be held in Minsk. The event for our  country, and for all of Europe is important and responsible. It is  planned to discuss issues of strengthening mutual trust and  cooperation in the OSCE region. Accepting the high forum, Belarus has  the opportunity to begin a constructive dialogue with representatives  of many European states," Lukashenko said.

He also noted that the development of bilateral cooperation with  Armenia is of great importance. "The partnership[ within the EEU  opens new possibilities for increasing goods turnover between us,  diversification of supplies and development and strengthening of our  relations in general", he summarized.

To note, the newly appointed Ambassador of Armenia to Belarus is the  former Ambassador to Russia Oleg Esayan. 

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