Thursday, December 29 2016 13:28
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Sanahin community kids to see in Christmas in renovated kindergarten  building remastered within South Caucasus Railway support 

Sanahin community kids to see in Christmas in renovated kindergarten  building remastered within South Caucasus Railway support 

ArmInfo.Sanahin community kids will see in the upcoming Christmas in the renovated kindergarten building  N3 (Alaverdi, Lori marz) remastered within the South Caucasus Railway  support.

"Despite the main purpose of the SCRW JSC is to develop railroad  transport, our company pays an essential attention to the charity and  humanitarian projects. I am very proud of being present  today at the  opening ceremony of  the new kindergarten building for Sanahin  community children. Moreover, I would like to accentuate that our  sponsorship will be continued in 2017 as well, and we will keep on  providing possible help to them," Sergey Valko,  SCR Director  General stated.

According to Valko, the company he leads has always been actively  participating in charitable and humanitarian initiatives. Following  his words, Sanahin station employees last year helped the town  residents to cancel the impact of a huge storm, in houses  rehabilitation, including this kindergarten building.  "The employees  of the remounting service train have been taking part in the  rehabilitation works i9n the town during 14 day., cleaning up the  streets and removing fallen trees," Valko said. 

In his turn Sergey Anischenko, theSecond Secretary of the Russian  Embassy to Armenia,  voiced the greeting message of the Russain  Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin due to the opening the renewed  kindergarten, which has been rehabilitated, in fact, from the very  "zero". "On behalf of all the staff of Russian Embassy I would like  to congratulate You with this opening event. This is a great event of  run-up to the New Year, this is a reason for joy - first for children  and their parents," the message of Russian Ambassador reads. Volynkin  also stated a gratitude to SCRW for funding such an important entity. 

Arthur Nalbandyan, the Lori Marz Governor, and the Mayor of Alaverdy  Karen Pahremuzyan also expressed their thanks to SCRW and other  charity makers for the support in the rehabilitation of the  kindergarten, ensuring that all the pre-school entities are always in  the focus of the marz managing staff. 

The  total amount allocated for the renovation of the kindergarten  formed AMD 15 mln - 5,3 mln of which was allocated by SCRW, and the  remaining part was funded by Alaverdi community and other  benefactors.  In 2017, the ceremony hall and the fitness hall of the  kindergarten are also planned to be renovated. 

The event was finished with a celebration party for children, who got  also Christmas gifts and presents. 

The South Caucasus Railway  is the 100% subsidiary of the Russian  Railroads JSC, and performs a trust (concessional) management of the  Armenian Railway based on the Concession Agreement signed on February  13, 2008. The term of the trust management due to the Agreement  mentioned is set at 30 years. 

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