Friday, September 2 2016 16:13
Alina Hovhannisyan

On Knowledge Day SCR CJSC has prepared presents for schoolchildren of  Fioletovo village 

On Knowledge Day SCR CJSC has prepared presents for schoolchildren of  Fioletovo village 

ArmInfo. On Knowledge Day South Caucasus Railway CJSC has prepared presents for schoolchildren of Fioletovo village, inhabited mainly by Molokans (members of Russian religious sect). The company presented 100 new books for the school library.

SCR Executive Director Sergei Valko and Advisor to Russian Ambassador  to Armenia Aleksandr Vasilyev welcomed the schoolchildren on the  celebratory assembly. 

In his welcome speech the Executive Director of SCR congratulated the  schoolchildren on the beginning of new school year and stressed that  the company will continue cooperation with the school, educating  nearly 140 children.  Besides, enlarging the library SCR has  presented cabinet oven for baking bread and flour products and has  repaired one of the rooms of the school.

Director of the school Valeri Mirzabekyan awarded the Director of SCR  a certificate of gratitude for long years cooperation.  Earlier the  Company has assisted the school in repairing and equipping the online  training class, has presented books, textbooks and manuals on Russian  language. 

A year ago SCR repaired the sport hall, which was idle for 20 years,  recovered heating system and the roof, and refurbished both buildings  of the school.

CJSC "South Caucasian Railway" is a 100% subsidiary of JSC "Russian  Railways" and provides concession management of Armenian railroads.   CJSC "Armenian Railways" was referred to the concession management to  the company "SCR" according to the Concession Agreement signed on  February 13, 2008. The term of the concession management is 30 years  with possible extension for another 10 years.

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