Thursday, September 1 2016 17:56
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Belgian parliamentarians visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial 

Belgian parliamentarians visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial 

ArmInfo. The members of the  delegation led by Els Van Hoof, MP of the Chamber of Representatives  of the Kingdom of Belgium , Head of the Belgium-Armenia parliamentary  friendship group, visited Tsiternakaberd Memorial Complex of the  Armenian Genocide accompanied by Shirak Torosyan, Head of the RA NA  Armenia - Belgium friendship group, the press- service of the  Armenian Parliament informs. 

The Belgian parliamentarians laid flowers at the eternal fire and  honoured in silence the memory of the martyrs.

They also visited Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, got acquainted  with the documents and exhibits telling about the Great Tragedy.

The guests left notes in the Commemoration Book of the  Museum-Institute.

To note, on July 23, 2015 the Belgian Parliament's Chamber of  Representatives passed the resolution on the Armenian Genocide almost  unanimously - with 124 pros, 8 abstentions and no cons.  On June 18  2015 the Prime Minister of Belgium reaffirmed the position of the  Government on the unconditional recognition of the Armenian Genocide.   On July 7 the Belgian Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee  adopted the draft resolution on the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman  Empire with an overwhelming majority of votes. To recall, in 1998 the  Belgian Senate adopted a resolution on recognition of the Armenian  Genocide, and urged the Government to take the same step.   

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