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Head of Public Council: Having delegated his own powers to the "My  Step`` bloc, the president refused to take responsibility

 Thursday, July 2 2020 16:57
Head of Public Council: Having delegated his own powers to the

ArmInfo. In my opinion, it would be  reasonable that the president had provided proper explanation of the  reasons of his refusal to sign the bill "On the Constitutional  Court". This would help to avoid various assumptions and  speculations, Chairman of the Public Council of Armenia Stepan  Safaryan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.


Gagik Tsarukyan: Artificial aggravation of anti-Russian sentiments  takes place in Armenia

ArmInfo. Recently, there has been an  artificial aggravation of anti- Russian sentiments in Armenia, which  is actively developing by the efforts of various political forces.  The ultimate goal of these forces is the breaking of friendly  relations between the peoples of the two countries.  Head of the  Prosperous Armenia party, oligarch Gagik Tsarukyan, published this on  his Facebook page.  Tsarukyan cites as an example the fact that the  thesis on the need to revise the military agreement with Russia is  being introduced into Armenian society, which, ultimately, should  lead to the withdrawal of the Russian 102nd military base from  Armenia.

Torosyan: Infectious disease ward will be built with the funds of the  Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development

ArmInfo. An infection department will be built in Vanadzor with funds from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development. The head of the RA Ministry of Health Arsen Torosyan said this on his Facebook page.

Bright Armenia and Prosperous Armenia sent proposal to NA Speaker on  establishment of coronavirus investigation commission
Trial in case of 3rd President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and others  postponed


presented the story of a film about Artsakh

ArmInfo.The Golden Apricot  International Film Festival presented the story of the creation of a  film about Artsakh <If the Wind Stops> (Si Le Vent Tombe).

A new outbreak hot zone of COVID-19 infection recorded in Artsakh

ArmInfo. A new outbreak hot zone  of COVID-19 infection has been recorded in the city of Shushi in  Artsakh, the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic reports.

Minsk Co-Chairs urged parties to  Karabakh conflict to refrain from  steps that could undermine the peace process
Artsakh Republic President presented 2020-2025 Program


Immortal music  of the composer will sound on Aram Khachaturian`s  birthday in Yerevan

ArmInfo.On the occasion of the birthday of the great Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian (June 6), pleasant surprises await citizens in different parts of Yerevan. The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian, in cooperation with the company  "ARLUPA", through the implementation of information technology will  carry out various events both in the house-museum of the maestro, and  beyond.

EIF announces photo contest Covid-19 in Armenia

ArmInfo.Fund Incubator Enterprises (EIF) announces photo contest dedicated to . The prize fund, according to the EIF press service, will be  1.5 million drams, which will be distributed among the 3 participants  who won the nominations , and .

The Embassy of France launched the Days of French Culture in Armenia  under the motto #BarevlaFrance
Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan is in the top 5 in the CIS

Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to Alexander Lukashenko  on  occasion of Independence Day

ArmInfo. Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan has sent a congratulatory message to Belarus President  Alexander Lukashenko on the occasion of Independence Day.

Belarus Ambassador to Armenia: Under pandemic conditions, Belavia not  only maintained flights to Armenia, but also increased their  frequency

ArmInfo. Under the coronavirus pandemic conditions, Belarus not only maintained flights flights to Armenia, but also increased their frequency. Ambassador of Belarus to Armenia Igor Nazaruk stated this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

Armenia ranks 75th in the Sustainable development report 2020
Belarus to allocate land for construction of Armenian church


Total number of coronavirus cases exceeded 27 thousand in Armenia

ArmInfo. As of July 11, at 11:00  a.m., 662 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in  Armenia. This was reported by the Unified Information Center.  According to the source, another 448 patients recovered.

Torosyan: Spitak Medical Center joined the fight against COVID-19

ArmInfo. The Spitak Medical Center  has joined the fight against COVID-19 from today. The head of the RA  Ministry of Health Arsen Torosyan said this on his Facebook page.

Three-magnitude earthquake occurred in Ararat region of Armenia
Institute of Molecular Biology of  NAS of Armenia is awaiting   decision of the Ministry of Health on organization of production of  tests for COVID-19


Facts of embezzlement of nearly 30 million AMD revealed in  "ArmForest`` regional branch

ArmInfo. In the "Forestry of Vayots  Dzor" under the "Armforest" SNCO the facts of the theft of almost 30  million drams were revealed.

French environmentalist of Armenian descent Jeanne Barseghian heads  Strasbourg

ArmInfo. Jeanne Barseghian, French environmentalist and politician of Armenian descent, was elected mayor of Strasbourg.

Technical assistance was provided to Zangezur Biosphere Complex 
Mouflons registered in Red List were noticed in  Biosphere  Complex 

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