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Analyst: Revolution in Karabakh   threatens with another escalation  of conflict

 Wednesday, April 8 2020 11:53
Analyst: Revolution in Karabakh   threatens with another escalation  of conflict

ArmInfo. Having questioned the holding of the second round of the presidential election in Nagorno-Karabakh, one of the candidates, Masis Mayilyan, turned into  a key figure in the election campaign. Such an  opinion was expressed  to ArmInfo,  by leading researcher of  the Center for Euro-Atlantic  Security of the Institute for International Studies at MGIMO (Moscow  State University of International Relations) , Sergey Markedonov.


Lawyers call for the release of Robert Kocharian in connection with  the situation with the coronavirus

ArmInfo. Lawyers call for the release of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharian from custody in connection with the situation with the coronavirus.  

Over 400 RA citizens were returned to Armenia from Russia by "Red  Wings" charter flights

ArmInfo.Over 400 Armenian citizens were returned to Armenia from Russia on charter flights operated by Red Wings, on April 6 and 7.

First President of Armenia calls for stopping propaganda and actions  aimed at creating an atmosphere of distrust and hatred to   authorities
Vazgen Poghosyan accused of bribing Vahagn Vermishyan released on  bail


CEC of Artsakh distributed deputy mandates among newly elected  deputies of the National Assembly

ArmInfo.Artsakh Central Election Commission at the meeting held on the eve distributed deputy mandates between the newly elected deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic.

IC: On the fact of death of 20-year-old soldier Garegin Babakekhyan  his comrade-in-arms was arrested 

ArmInfo. On the fact of death of 20-year-old soldier of the Artsakh Defense Army Garegin Babakekhyan, his comrade-in-arms A.P. was arrested.  According to the  IC of Armenia, On the fact of the death of Garegin Babakekhyan, a  criminal case was opened under Article 360.1, Part 2, Clause 3 of the  RA Criminal Code. A conscript soldier A.P., was charged with Article  365, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, for committing crimes under  Article 114, Part 2, Clause 11. Detention was chosen as a  precautionary measure against him.

The first case of coronavirus infection detected in Artsakh
Political strategist: The outcome of the second round of elections in  Artsakh, was in any case predetermined 


The ministry clarified the position regarding the application of  Azerbaijan to include the balaban in the UNESCO list

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia has clarified its position regarding the application of Azerbaijan and  Turkey to include the balaban in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural  Heritage List. Balaban is a reed wooden wind musical instrument,  which, like the Armenian duduk, can also be made from apricot wood.  Some saw in this application an encroachment on the duduk, but the  ministry recalls that this Armenian instrument was included in the  UNESCO List back in 2008.

The state of emergency provoked a surge of interest in the cultural  sphere

ArmInfo. The introduction of a state of emergency in Armenia provoked a surge in interest in the cultural sphere. As RA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture  and Sports Araik Khzmalyan said at a press conference on April 7, the  number of page followers on social networks of music and theater  organizations has almost doubled, and the number of views of  performances and concerts reaches impressive figures.

Armenian State Symphonic Orchestra initiated a series of online  workshops with famous musicians
In connection with Tsaghkazard,  Holy Spear stored in Mother See of  Holy Etchmiadzin will be taken out

Russian mobile coronavirus testing laboratory to be launched today in  Yerevan

ArmInfo. Under the leadership of the head of the military-medical department of the Armed forces of the Republic of Armenia Sahak Ohanyan, consultations were held today between the specialists of the Armenian Armed Forces and the Russian  military who arrived in Yerevan the day before.

Armenian Ambassador: China is an example of international cooperation in the fight against coronavirus

ArmInfo. China is an example in the field of international cooperation in the fight against coronavirus. Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manasaryan stated  this in an interview with <China> magazine.

Armenia banned entry into its territory through border crossings
Diplomat: COVID-19 is able to become an effective geopolitical tool


From April 8, the air temperature in Armenia will gradually drop by  6-8 degrees

ArmInfo. On the 8th and 11th of April in Armenia in the regions of Lori, Tavush, Syunik and Artsakh, precipitation is expected from time to time in the mountainous parts of these regions in the form of snow.

Pashinyan: The peak incidence of coronavirus occurred on March  31-April 1

ArmInfo.We remain cautious optimism in connection with the situation with coronavirus. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his Facebook page, speaking about the latest statistics on  COVID-19.

Ministry of Emergencies: Roads in Armenia are mostly passable
114 people recovered from coronavirus in Armenia


Ombudsman and Ministry of Nature Protection disagree

ArmInfo.According to the Ombudsman, the draft law on amendments to the Law "On Freedom of Information" developed by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection  contains the risks of unjustified refusal.

Lydian Armenia accuses government of lack of grounds for new phase of  questions on Amulsar project 

ArmInfo. The government has no justifiable grounds for demanding the start of a new stage of questions to Lydian on the Amulsar project

Solemn opening ceremony of Armenian-Belarusian Friendship Forest on  territory of Sevan National Park took place 
Pashinyan: Amulsar field will not be developed if there are  uncontrolled environmental risks

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