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Chairman of the SRC of Armenia resigned

 Thursday, June 4 2020 17:37
Chairman of the SRC of Armenia resigned

ArmInfo.Chairman of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia submitted his resignation.


Pashinyan: The decision to return to quarantine will be made in the  context of the economic burden and consequences

ArmInfo.The Armenian government is considering several scenarios in view of the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection. Answering the  question of journalists about the possibility of returning to a  strict quarantine regime, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated  during a briefing on June 4.

Premier: The public is gradually changing its attitude towards law  and order, however, at too high a price

ArmInfo.The situation with the coronavirus in Armenia continues to deteriorate, and the launched system of public control gives us an explanation of why this is takes  placde.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan stated this during a briefing on June 4.

FSMTC: Kalashnikov assault rifle assembly plant in Armenia will be  able to produce up to 50 thousand AK-103 per year
Parliamentary Committee to investigate the events of the April War  2016 completed its activities


Armed Forces of Armenia and Artsakh to work toward further improve  enemy deterrence mechanisms

ArmInfo. The Armed Forces of the two Armenian states continue to fully implement all the processes stipulated by the plan of bilateral cooperation, and will work toward  further improve the mechanisms of deterring the enemy. This is stated  in the statement of the Artsakh Defense Army, received by ArmInfo.

Forecast: Serious shifts in negotiations are possible only if Aliyevs  leave

ArmInfo. Today I do not see any  prerequisites for particularly serious changes in the situation  around the Artsakh settlement. The director of the Armenian Institute  for International and Security Affairs, the head of the Public  Council of Armenia Stepan Safaryan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Citizens arrived in Artsakh from Russia tested positive for COVID-19
Makunts: The response to possible aggression against Armenia and  Artsakh will be more than equivalent and powerful


Immortal music  of the composer will sound on Aram Khachaturian`s  birthday in Yerevan

ArmInfo.On the occasion of the birthday of the great Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian (June 6), pleasant surprises await citizens in different parts of Yerevan. The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian, in cooperation with the company  "ARLUPA", through the implementation of information technology will  carry out various events both in the house-museum of the maestro, and  beyond.

EIF announces photo contest Covid-19 in Armenia

ArmInfo.Fund Incubator Enterprises (EIF) announces photo contest dedicated to . The prize fund, according to the EIF press service, will be  1.5 million drams, which will be distributed among the 3 participants  who won the nominations , and .

The Embassy of France launched the Days of French Culture in Armenia  under the motto #BarevlaFrance
Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan is in the top 5 in the CIS

MFA RA: The current government of Azerbaijan is a threat not only to  Artsakh, Armenia, but also to peace and security in the region

ArmInfo. The current government of Azerbaijan, which considers Armenian-phobia as the main source of internal consolidation and legitimacy of power, is a threat not only  to Artsakh, Armenia and the entire Armenian people, but also to peace  and security in the region.

Kremlin: The emphasis is put on inviting the heads of CIS states to  the Victory Parade in Moscow 

ArmInfo. The emphasis in invitations to the Victory Day parade in Moscow is still placed on the heads of CIS states, said Dmitry Peskov, Spokesman for the  Russian president.

Aliyev tries again to assert himself at the expense of Armenia and  Artsakh, through presenting his oratory skills to  residents of  Terter
Armenia and Lebanon consider deepening defense cooperation


Production of disinfectant for combating COVID-19 launched in Armenia

ArmInfo.Production of the "Bioxil-2" disinfectant for the fight against COVID-19 has been launched in Armenia. The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia  reports.

The head of the passport office gave a bribe for obtaining a driver`s  license

ArmInfo. The head of one of the passport offices received a bribe for getting a driver's license.

Torosyan: A dangerous tendency of coronavirus outbreaks is observed  in Armenia`s enterprises
Armenia sets new abysmal record for the number of new cases of  coronavirus


Mouflons registered in Red List were noticed in  Biosphere  Complex 

ArmInfo. Armenian mouflons (Ovis orientalis gmelini)  registered in Red List were noticed in the "Zangezur"  Biosphere Complex in the Syunik region of Armenia. As  stated in the message posted on the <Zangezur's>  Facebook page, a  rare species was identified during monitoring.  

Lake Sevan may bloom again

ArmInfo.Apparently, this year Lake Sevan will also bloom again due to blue-green algae.

Yerevan Municipality urged employees of "Greening and Environmental  Protection" SNCO not to mislead public with false facts
GCF allocated funds for its first green financing grant program  in Armenia 

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