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A view from Moscow: The risks of unfreezing the Karabakh conflict are  no higher today than in its entire history

 Tuesday, March 31 2020 18:15
A view from Moscow: The risks of unfreezing the Karabakh conflict are  no higher today than in its entire history

ArmInfo. The negotiating positions of the parties to the Karabakh conflict can only change if there is a violation of the military-political balance in favor of  one of the parties and, accordingly, if it achieves a  military-political advantage.


The Commandant hopes that Armenia will return to normal life in early  May

ArmInfo. "We hope that from about the second half of April to the beginning of May, Armenia will gradually return to a full life," said Deputy Prime Minister,  Commandant of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Avinyan at a press  conference on March 31. Such a development of the scenario, he said,  is possible under the condition of impeccable implementation of  preventive measures and maintaining the isolation regime.

Government meeting discusses anti-crisis measures to neutralize  coronavirus consequences

ArmInfo.Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, a  regular meeting was held on March 31, during which anti-crisis  measures to neutralize the effects of coronavirus were discussed.

Larisa Alaverdyan: Bills proposed by the government are not  commensurate with the goal of preventing the spread of coronavirus
Edmon Marukyan: You can stop the spread of coronavirus without  violating human rights


Minsk mediators voted for elections in Nagorno-Karabakh

ArmInfo. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group ( Igor Popov of the Russian Federation; Stephane Visconti of France; and Mr. Andrew Schofer of the United States of America) made a statement regarding the elections held in Artsakh  today, noting that they took into account the fact of the so-called  "general election".

Masis Mayilyan reports fraud during the election

ArmInfo.Artsakh Foreign Minister, Presidential candidate of the Artsakh Republic Masis Mayilyan declares signs of fraud during the national elections. On  March 31, in an interview with reporters, he noted that these facts  are manifested mainly by the fact that voters photograph their  ballots. In his opinion, this is done in order to present to the  patrons the results of the implementation of the agreements.

Artsakh Defense Minister: Situation at the border is under control
Bako Sahakyan declared his readiness to submit a motion in case of  Serzh Sargsyan


Unknown treasures of Armenia is the  new project of Armenian Support  Teams

ArmInfo. Charitable organization "Armenian Support Team" launched a new charity project "New Armenia - Ancient Armenia!" In Armenia or Unknown treasures of Armenia.  

Prosecutor`s Office confirms fact of destruction of a historical monument in territory of "Dalma Gardens"

ArmInfo.In connection with the destruction of a wine press of the 19th century during the construction on the territory of the "Dalma Gardens", the Yerevan's Prosecutor turned to the heads of the competent bodies.

Eurovision canceled amid coronavirus outbreak
Due to the risk of coronavirus, the tours of the Armenian Chamber  Orchestra were canceled

US Ambassador praised the steps taken by the Armenian government to  prevent the coronavirus pandemic in the country

ArmInfo.In addition to the previously allocated $ 60 million, the United States will provide Armenia with $ 1.1 million to fight against coronavirus. The US  Ambassador to RA Lynne Tracy said this on March 31 during an online  conference.

Lynne Tracy: The US is now considering the possibility of  implementing other projects in the Karabakh conflict zone

ArmInfo.  The USA is proud of the aid provided to Artsakh over the years, including through the HALO Trust demining program. US Ambassador to RA Lynne Tracy said  this on March 31 during an online conference.

German President plans to visit Yerevan in autumn
Armenia joins EU sanctions against Turkey


Autopsy on bodies that died from coronavirus will be banned in  Armenia

ArmInfo.The parliament of Armenia at an urgent extraordinary meeting convened on March 31 at 5.00pm, in the second and final reading, adopted the amendments to  the law "On Medical Care and Public Services" proposed by the  government of the country, implying a ban on the pathological and  anatomical opening of the bodies of coronavirus deceased. It is  curious that the meeting was held without the participation of  opposition factions.

Departures from Moscow airports to Yerevan for period from March  31 to April 3 canceled

ArmInfo.Departures from Moscow airports to Yerevan for the period from March 31 to April 3 were canceled. The Embassy of Armenian to Russia reported this.

Governor  of Kotayk  region about closing roads in Charentsavan:  There was a technical error
RA Police: Already 60 administrative acts have been drawn up  regarding public transport drivers


Lydian Armenia accuses government of lack of grounds for new phase of  questions on Amulsar project 

ArmInfo. The government has no justifiable grounds for demanding the start of a new stage of questions to Lydian on the Amulsar project

Solemn opening ceremony of Armenian-Belarusian Friendship Forest on  territory of Sevan National Park took place 

ArmInfo. On March 13, the solemn opening ceremony of the Armenian-Belarusian Friendship Forest on the territory of the Sevan National Park took place. The event, which was attended by Minister of Economy of Armenia Tigran Khachatryan and  Minister of Forestry of Belarus Vitaly Drozhzh, was held as part of  the 14th meeting of the Armenian-Belarusian intergovernmental  commission.

Pashinyan: Amulsar field will not be developed if there are  uncontrolled environmental risks
Minister: During the development of the Amulsar mine, the results of  the 1952-1954 expedition were not taken into account

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