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MP: ECHR decision expected even for plaintiffs

 Friday, July 10 2020 17:55
MP: ECHR decision expected even for plaintiffs

ArmInfo.  The ECHR decision  published on July 8 was expected.  Moreover, even for the plaintiffs  themselves. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo of the  Armenian parliament from the "My Step" faction Arusyak Dzhulakyan.


RA Prime Minister presented key areas of new National Security  Strategy

ArmInfo.  The Security Council  of the Republic of Armenia is holding a regular meeting in Yerevan,  chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the press service of RA PM  reports.

Members of "Kamk" initiative held a protest against biased approach  of  authorities towards country`s political forces 

ArmInfo. RA Police detained leader  of the "Kamk" initiative Vahagn Chakhalyan and its members,ArmInfo  correspondent reports.  Members of the initiative gathered in front  of the residence of the President of Armenia and stated that they  intend to transmit a letter to President Armen Sarkiassian and give a  press conference.

President of Armenia once again opposed the new property tax: it only  seems that any law is just arithmetic, but human lives are behind  this arithmetic 
Deputy Speaker: Mikael Minasyan cannot be on the wanted list all his  life


New hotbeds of coronavirus detected in Stepanakert and Martakert

ArmInfo. New hotbeds of  coronavirus have been detected in Stepanakert and Martakert. It is  reported by the Information Headquarters.

Harutyunyan: Within the forthcoming 5 years asphalting of up to 400km  of roads will be carried out in Artsakh

ArmInfo.  Artsakh Republic  President Arayik Harutyunyan convoked a working consultation with the  participation of heads of road construction organizations.

Artsakh MFA: Azerbaijan tries to shift his own blame for the lack of  results in the negotiation process on OSCE MG representatives
Mane Gevorgyan: Ilham Aliyev himself indicated the reason why the  Karabakh conflict is still not resolved


Immortal music  of the composer will sound on Aram Khachaturian`s  birthday in Yerevan

ArmInfo.On the occasion of the birthday of the great Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian (June 6), pleasant surprises await citizens in different parts of Yerevan. The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian, in cooperation with the company  "ARLUPA", through the implementation of information technology will  carry out various events both in the house-museum of the maestro, and  beyond.

EIF announces photo contest Covid-19 in Armenia

ArmInfo.Fund Incubator Enterprises (EIF) announces photo contest dedicated to . The prize fund, according to the EIF press service, will be  1.5 million drams, which will be distributed among the 3 participants  who won the nominations , and .

The Embassy of France launched the Days of French Culture in Armenia  under the motto #BarevlaFrance
Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan is in the top 5 in the CIS

International Search and Rescue Center of Germany to send medical  workers to Armenia to fight COVID- 19

ArmInfo. Within the framework of  cooperation between the European Union, Germany and Armenia, in the  coming days the International Search and Rescue Center of Germany  (ISAR) will send a group of medical workers to Armenia.

Expert: Russia is still perceived as a strategic ally in Armenia

ArmInfo. There have always been fluctuations in public sentiment regarding Russia in Armenia. And, as a rule, they are always caused by specific reasons. President of  Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Italy banned entry of people from 13 countries, including Armenia,  into its territory
The Netherlands allocated 200 thousand euros to help Armenia in the  fight against coronavirus


Cases of coronavirus recorded in Gyumri boarding school

ArmInfo.  Cases of coronavirus have  been recorded in the Boarding school for children's care and  protection (a former Gyumri Children's Care and Protection boarding N  2 school after Fridtjof Nansen SNCO ).

A man committed suicide by jumping from the bridge

ArmInfo. On July 9, at 10:28 pm, the  Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia received information that  a citizen committed suicide by jumping from the Great Bridge of  Hrazdan more commonly known as Kievian Bridge in Yerevan.

IC: Against the background caused by coronavirus, there is an  increase in cybercrimes
One of the leading IT specialists of Armenia Karen Vardanyan passed  away


Facts of embezzlement of nearly 30 million AMD revealed in  "ArmForest`` regional branch

ArmInfo. In the "Forestry of Vayots  Dzor" under the "Armforest" SNCO the facts of the theft of almost 30  million drams were revealed.

French environmentalist of Armenian descent Jeanne Barseghian heads  Strasbourg

ArmInfo. Jeanne Barseghian, French environmentalist and politician of Armenian descent, was elected mayor of Strasbourg.

Technical assistance was provided to Zangezur Biosphere Complex 
Mouflons registered in Red List were noticed in  Biosphere  Complex 

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