Tuesday, December 23 2014

Karina Melikyan

ProCredit Bank makes surprise offer to its customers - Holiday Deposit

Forward to New Year holiday ProCredit Bank makes a surprise offer to customers.
Starting from December 22, the Bank offers new "Holiday deposit", the
Bank's press-service told ArmInfo.


This deposit type is designed for those clients who
want to earn some profit in short terms if they have some amount of money.  The deposit is invested in AMD for 1, 2 or 3
months term with 16, 17 and 18% annual interest rate accordingly.  ProCredit Bank always strives to promote
savings culture. Thus the bank has designed a transparent savings service with
beneficial interest rate. It should be noted that the highest interest on
long-term deposits in the Armenia's banking market before the ProCredit's Banks
Holiday Deposit was 14%-14.5%.  The
interests on short-term deposits of Armenian banks are incomparable to the ones
of ProCredit Bank.  According to
ArmInfo's Financial Rating of Armenian Banks, ProCredit Bank's portfolio of
time deposits totaled 14.3 bln drams on 1 October 2014, including over 90%
personal deposits. The above new offer of ProCredit Bank will help it boost the
growth rates of its portfolio of deposits and improve its position in the
banking market to come close to the top ten banks by the time deposits.


ProCredit Bank began its operations in Armenia on 5
February 2008 and is part of the international ProCredit group, which is led by
ProCredit Holding based in Germany and operates in 11 banks in Eastern Europe
and institutions in Latin America as well as in Germany. Both ProCredit Holding
and ProCredit Bank Germany are supervised by the German Financial Supervisory
Authority (BaFin), which underscores the reliability and stability of the
ProCredit institutions. ProCredit Bank Armenia is a fully-fledged bank with
100% foreign capital, focused on the development of small and medium-sized
enterprises, as well as on the promotion of a savings culture among the


As of 1 October 2014, the capital of the bank totaled
9 bln drams, assets - 57.2 bln drams, loans - 47.7 bln drams.  Net profits of the bank for 9 months of 2014
totaled 330 million drams.

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