Wednesday, December 18 2013

Saakashvili's Party Condemns Authorities for Purchase of Expensive Cars


Tbilisi. Member of the parliamentary minority, representative of the former ruling party United National Movement (UNM) Nugzar Tsiklauri accused the governing coalition Georgian Dream of purchase of expensive cars for officials on the background of a complicated economic situation.

"On the background of recession of Georgian economy and increase of unemployment, different power branches are engaged in purchase  of expensive cars", Tsiklauri stated at the briefing on Tuesday, December 17.

According to him, on the decision of Marneuli municipality (Kvemo Kartli region), a tender for purchase  of expensive cars at the price of GEL114 thousand (approx. $67 thousand), GEL56 thousand (approx. $33 thousand), GEL52 thousand (approx. 30 thousand) and GEL48 thousand ($28 thousand) was announced.

"Two months ago Gardabani sakrebulo (a city council) (Kvemo Kartli region) bought jeep Toyota Land Cruiser for GEL80 thousand ($47 thousand). Regretfully, it is not a full list", Tsiklauri said.

As the deputy noted, the power representatives "buy things on the background of the people's impoverishment".

"It is done on the background of budget deficit, amounting to GEL800 mln (approx. $740 mln), economy deficiency of GEL1,5 bln (approx. $880 mln). Next year the government intends to take a new loan amounting to GEL1,6 bln (approx. $940 mln). Besides, officials' salaries will be increased by GEL137 mln (approx. $80 mln), though an official salary totals at present some thousands", Tsiklauri said. 

He also noted that when the Georgian Dream came to power (October 2012), a very good and modern enough motor fleet was at the government's disposal and there was no need to renovate it.

The ruling coalition's members have not commented the statement yet.


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