Monday, April 29 2013

Raffi Hovannisian: Armenian authorities will not govern for coming five years

The authorities of Armenia will not be governing for the coming five years, as they do not enjoy public support, Raffi Hovannisian, Leader of New Armenia opposition movement, told media, Monday.

"I'd not like to forecast the worst scenario, but I am sure that such situation cannot continue any more.  Either our country will finally desert, or the situation will improve," he said. The politician said that the further steps of New Armenia Movement depend on the developments after the elections to the Elders' Council of Yerevan.

Hovannisian said that during his visits to the regions he sees certain understatement and even disappointment. 
"Many people waited for a momentary victory. Many people wanted bloodshed. Fortunately, we avoided victims. I made some mistakes, indeed, but there are no faultless people," Hovannisian said.

On April 9 simultaneously with Serzh Sargsyan's swearing-in ceremony Raffi Hovannisian took an oath in front of the people in the Liberty Square and then organized a march along Baghramyan Street to the president's residency. As a result, there were clashes with the police. Heritage Party Deputy Head Armen Martirosyan was beaten up.  Hovannisian said that he does not plan a 'tit-for-tat response' to the politicians that stopped supporting the ]Movement after April 9. 

"We can save this country only through consolidation. As always, I am ready to cooperate nearly with all the political forces," the politician said. Hovannisian said he will be happy if the Pre-Parliament manages to consolidate the public and, maybe, do what has not been done yet.  
"One of the initiators of the Pre-Parliament is Zhirayr Sefilyan, the Karabakh war hero. If he manages to do what, maybe, I failed to do, I will be only happy," he said.

Hovannisian said that Barev Yerevan is not a rival to the opposition and is ready to cede the Liberty Square for other political forces to rally.

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