Tuesday, December 23 2014

Hrachya Rostomyan: The European Games are not the property of Baku

The European Games are
not the property of Baku. They are organized by the International Olympic
Committee, which will control the situation, Secretary General of Armenia's
National Olympic Committee (NOC), Hrachya Rostomyan, said at today's


He said that at present there is no reason for Armenia
not to take part in the European Games in Baku. However, NOC will announce its
final decision on the matter in February 2015, he said. He also added that in
the psychological sense, our sportsmen have no problem and will honorably
present Armenia if needed and win medals.


Asked if it is better on the threshold of the 100th
anniversary of the Armenian genocide to boycott the Baku games, Rostomyan
replied that it is better to take part in the games and win and pay the tribute
to the memory of the victims of the genocide, is not it?


He also summed up the results of the passing year,
saying it was rather successful for the Armenian sportsmen, which fixed good
results at the international arena.

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