Saturday, August 24 2013

Construction of elite residential building in Komitas Street resumed despite protests

Construction of the elite residential building in Komitas Street has been resumed despite protests, Tigran Khzmalyan, representative of Pre-Parliament Opposition Movement said.

In the meanwhile, the residents of the neighbor buildings say that the city authorities promised that the construction would be suspended for 5 days to dispute the issue in the court. The police has surrounded the construction site.

The residents of the building No.5 in Komitas Street had been protesting against construction activities that have occupied their backyard for a long time already.  The residents and the law-enforcers clashed a few days ago. In the wake of those clashes, Khzmalyan was detained but set free in few hours. 

"We are the owners of this city" movement urges all the citizens of Yerevan to join the fight against illegal construction in Komitas Street and misappropriation of green areas in Arabkir district by officials.  In the meanwhile, environmentalists have been slamming the authorities for extremely large-scale construction activities in Yerevan for already several years. Karine Danielyan, "For Sustainable Development" Association, alarms that Yerevan has lost 70% of its green area over the last twenty years due to construction. In addition, she said, the construction project do no take into account the seismic activity of the territory of Yerevan. 

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