Wednesday, December 24 2014

Martirosyan Nana

Gallup International Association: Yerevan residents give 3.9 points (out of 5) to activity of Police Head

of the Gallup International Association in Armenia Aram Navasardyan introduced
the results of the latest poll "Yerevan residents about Yerevan,"
Wednesday, on 24 December.


According to the poll results, 52% of the respondents
gave a positive view of the Police reforms in 2014, 10% gave a negative
assessment to the changes in the field, 14% could not give any specific
assessment, while 26% did not notice any changes in the field.


Navasardyan said 37% of the polled residents did not
notice the new uniforms of police officers. 56% of the respondents welcomed the
activity of the city police special division ("Angels"), 3% gave a
negative assessment of the division's activity, while 39% had no idea of its


"The polled residents gave 3.9 points out of 5 to
the activity of Police Head Vladimir Gasparyan," Navasardyan said.


The expert said 45% of the respondents think driving
in the city streets has become safer after speed cameras were installed, unlike
23% who think that driving has become more dangerous. Meanwhile, 32% of the
respondents see no difference in the field. 
Navasardyan said 49% of the respondents do not welcome the "red
lines" in the streets, 15% think it was a positive measure, while 35%
refrained from comments.


The poll was conducted among 1066 residents of Yerevan
in various administrative districts in the period from 9 up to 16 December.

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