Andranik Kocharyan: RA Prime Minister`s brother-in-law is not  connected with case of cigarette smuggling
 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 15:01

ArmInfo.Andranik Kocharyan, MP from the "My Step" faction, head of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense and Security, said that the brother-in-law of Armenia's Prime Minister Hrachya Hakobyan is not connected with the case of  cigarette smuggling.

Ruben Rubinyan: We intend to consistently solve the problems of the  judicial system
 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 14:30

ArmInfo.Obviously, there are serious problems in the judicial system of Armenia, and we have initially set ourselves the task of solving these problems, the lawmaker from the My Step faction, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee Ruben  Rubinyan announced at a briefing on May 13.

Edmon Marukyan: Our party is in no way connected with the previous  authorities
 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 14:24

ArmInfo.The Bright Armenia Party is in no way affiliated with the son- in-law of the third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the former RA Ambassador to the Vatican,  Mikael Minasyan. On May 13, Edmon Marukyan, head of the Bright  Armenia faction, said this during a briefing in parliament.

Ruben Rubinyan: Bright Armenia faction is trying to discredit MPs  from  "My Step" faction
 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 14:18

ArmInfo. The "Bright Armenia" faction is trying to create the impression that non-professionals work in the parliament. This was announced at a briefing on May 13 by the MP from the My Step faction, Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign  Relations Ruben Rubinyan.

Iveta Tonoyan: Instead of dealing with economic recovery issues, the  parliament is busy with an artificial agenda
 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 14:16

ArmInfo. The incident on May 8 in  parliament was unpleasant and we regret that it happened.  Mp from  the Prosperous Armenia faction, press secretary of the head of the  faction, Gagik Tsarukyan, Iveta Tonoyan, said this during a briefing  on May 13.

 Wednesday, May 13 2020, 14:15


In Armenia, a provision on the mandatory wearing of masks when  leaving the house may be adopted
 Tuesday, May 12 2020, 17:00

ArmInfo. Spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Armenia Mane Gevorgyan in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent said that wearing masks can be a mandatory when leaving the house.

 Tuesday, May 12 2020, 16:19


Head of "My Step" faction:  We positively assess the strategy of the  Ministry of Justice to implement reforms in the judicial system
 Tuesday, May 12 2020, 14:14

ArmInfo.  Head of the "My Step" faction Lilit Makunts said that she did not consider the process associated with the implementation of the vetting system in the  country to have failed.  On May 12 Makunts said in an interview with  reporters.

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