Forecast: Even after achieving his goals in Artsakh, Aliyev will  continue to exert military pressure on Armenia

 Monday, August 8 2022 18:09
Forecast: Even after achieving his goals in Artsakh, Aliyev will  continue to exert military pressure on Armenia

ArmInfo. As a result of the defeatist policy of the authorities, the losses of the Armenian side are only growing. An expert in Azerbaijani studies Tatevik  Hayrapetyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Armenia`s premier could hold referendum on relations with Azerbaijan,  expert says 
 Friday, March 25 2022 12:42

ArmInfo.Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's team could well organize a referendum on ways and prospects of settling the conflict with Azerbaijan. In any case, such a possibility could be considered now, Sergey Markedonov, Leading  Researcher of the Euro-Atlantic Security Center, Moscow State  Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), said in an interview  with ArmInfo. 

Forecast: New military conflicts in the South Caucasus are not  excluded at all
 Thursday, March 24 2022 16:56

ArmInfo.New military conflicts in the South Caucasus are not excluded at all. Today it seems that we can speak about it quite definitely. Russian political scientist,  expert on the Caucasus Andrei Areshev, expressed such an opinion to ArmInfo.

Human rights activist: Slogans about peace should be based on a clear  program
 Wednesday, March 23 2022 15:58

ArmInfo.The slogans of the Armenian government about peace should be based on a clear and understandable program for everyone. Moreover, it should be  understandable not only to the Armenian society and the people of  Artsakh, but also to the international community. First Human Rights  Defender of Armenia, human rights activist Larisa Alaverdyan,  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: The Union State will lead to the loss of Armenia`s  sovereignty and territories
 Wednesday, March 23 2022 15:32

ArmInfo.Hypothetical membership in the still hypothetical Union State will lead to the loss of not only Armenia's sovereignty, but also new territories. Leader of the  "Republic" party, former Prime Minister of Armenia Aram Sargsyan,  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: The geopolitical games in the South Caucasus are now being  held with the involvement of Ukraine as well
 Tuesday, March 22 2022 21:13

ArmInfo.The geopolitical games in the South Caucasus are now being held with the involvement of Ukraine as well. And the main players, the centers of power and the  countries of the region themselves, continue to play, maneuver and  try to get preferences, each in their own field and within their own  capabilities. Head of Caucasus Department of the CIS Institute,  Military Expert Vladimir Evseev, expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Russia cannot be forced into leaving South Caucasus, experts says
 Monday, March 21 2022 14:19

ArmInfo.The South Caucasus is an example allowing a claim that it is not only economic warfare the West is conducting against Russia. All the spheres of Russian  influence are under attack, Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of  Russia in Global Affairs, said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

View from Moscow: Armenia`s appeal to the OSCE Minsk Group does not  contradict the interests of the Russian Federation
 Monday, March 21 2022 14:18

ArmInfo. On the whole, Armenia's appeal to the OSCE Minsk Group does not contradict the interests of the Russian Federation. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by chief researcher of the Institute of World Economy and International  Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, orientalist Alexey  Malashenko.

Erdogan is "kissing the hand he wishes to cut off" in seeking USA`s favor, expert states
 Friday, March 18 2022 18:06

ArmInfo. The reason for Turkish President Recep Erdogan's recent overtures to Israel is, among other things, Anraka's seeking new approaches to the United States, Emma  Begijanyan of the Armenian Institute of International Affairs and  Security, said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

Armenia`s application to OSCE MG gives rise to questions
 Friday, March 18 2022 12:04

ArmInfo.Yerevan's application to the OSCE Minsk Group in the context of Baku's proposals gives rise to a number of questions, allowing different interpretations, Tevan  Poghosyan, Head of the International Center for Human Development  (ICHD), said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenians can build a sovereign state even amid present geopolitical  shocks, politician says  
 Wednesday, March 16 2022 15:14

ArmInfo. In the context of the Ukraine crisis, Armenia should think of building a sovereign state rather than of the threats of losing sovereignty in case the Allied  State's borders extend as far as Armenia, Garegin Miskaryan, Director  of the Democratic Platform foundation, said in an interview with  ArmInfo.  

Armenia`s application to OSCE Minsk Group response to demands by  France and USA, political scientist says 
 Tuesday, March 15 2022 11:40

ArmInfo.Armenia's application to the OSCE  Minsk Group "for peace" is a response to demands by France and the  USA. Paris and Washington explicitly presented the demands: an  Armenian-Azerbaijani peace agreement must be signed exclusively under  the OSCE Minsk Group's auspices, Andrias Ghukasyan, Chairman of the  Constructive Party of Armenia, said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

Security vacuum in South Caucasus must be filled by West rather than  by Turkey, analyst says  
 Tuesday, March 15 2022 11:32

ArmInfo.The ongoing developments in and round Ukraine do not rule out the most unpredictable geopolitical scenarios, which may cause Russia to leave the South  Caucasus, Hovsep Khurshudyan, Chairman of the Free Citizen, NGO said  in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Any results of Ukraine war fraught with new threats to South  Caucasus, political scientist says
 Monday, March 14 2022 16:12

ArmInfo.Any results of the war in Ukraine is fraught with new threats and challenges to Armenia, Arsakh and entire South Caucasus, Director of the Caucasus Institute  Alexander Askandaryan said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

At some moment, egged on by Ankara, Baku will start making steps in  conflict with the declaration signed with Moscow, expert says 
 Friday, March 11 2022 12:10

ArmInfo. In analyzing Turkey's recent steps, one should consider Turks' historically caused serious attitude to the Russian threat, Professor Ruben Safrastyan said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Two rival choices in post-Soviet space, politician says 
 Thursday, March 10 2022 12:34

ArmInfo.. The post-Soviet space is seeing two rival choices now - the first is isolation in company with Russia and the second is joining the civilized world in company with  Ukraine. And Armenia is sure to face this choice in the future, Arman  Babajanyan, Chairman of the For the Republic Party, said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenian premier`s visit to France evidence of need for Armenia to search for alternatives in ensuring its  security, political scientist says 
 Thursday, March 10 2022 12:31

ArmInfo.Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's visit to France is evidence of an urgent need for Armenia to search for alternatives in ensuring its security, the political  scientist Stepan Grigoryan said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

Ukraine crisis renewed nuclear threat, politician says 
 Wednesday, March 9 2022 15:43

ArmInfo. Regrettably, the current Ukraine crisis means a renewed nuclear threat, Chairman of the Republic party Aram Sargsyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Russia or Ukraine: Armenia to make a choice sooner or later
 Wednesday, March 9 2022 13:18

ArmInfo.By "abstaining" from voting on the situation in Ukraine at the UN General Assembly official Yerevan was, no doubt, acting in Armenia's security  interests, Stepan Safaryan of the Armenian Institute of International  and Security Affairs said in an interview with ArmInfo.    

Armenia not to face any security threats unless Russian-Turkish  relations deteriorate, Russian experts says 
 Monday, March 7 2022 13:29

ArmInfo. Armenia will not face any security threats unless the Russian-Turkish relations deteriorate, the expert in Turkic studies Victor Nadein-Raevskii said in an  interview with ArmInfo and noted he does not see any such trends now. 

Ukraine conflict: neutrality best decision for Armenia, expert says
 Monday, March 7 2022 13:28

ArmInfo.Preliminary analyses and conditional forecasts show that the Russian military operation in Ukraine could continue for around a month, Vladimir Yevseyev, Head of  the Eurasian Integration and Development Department of the SCO  Institute of CIS countries, said in an interview with ArmInfo.