Armenia 2023: Politicians are needed

 Thursday, May 21 2020 21:11
Armenia 2023: Politicians are needed

ArmInfo.The current political situation in Armenia can be described as a vacuum of the opposition amid slow, but steady decline in the rating of revolutionary authorities.

Aram Sargsyan: RPA and Serzh  Sargsyan  phenomenal abilities   allowed them to blur  even the brilliant reputation of the new president of Armenia
 Tuesday, March 6 2018 14:51

In an interview with ArmInfo, a lawmaker from Elx (Exit- editor's note) bloc    parliamentary faction , leader of the Republic Party, ex-Prime Minister of Armenia Aram Sargsyan justifies the necessity and motivation for voicing the names of the perpetrators of the  March 1 tragedy. He shares the vision of the Elk bloc in the aspect  of t internal political problems of Armenia. He  also comments on the appointment of the fourth president of Armenia.

Saro Saroyan: he cancellation of Armenian-Turkish protocols is directly related to   Fourth president of Armenia entering the office
 Friday, March 2 2018 14:10

Independent analyst Saro Saroyan in his  interview with ArmInfo discusses the latest internal political processes in Armenia, notices  the relationship between them and the cancellation of the  Zurich protocols. He shares his own vision and the forecast in respect to   the Artsakh problem settlement.      

Giro Manoyan: The status quo coud work in favor of  Armenians only within correct use - an increase  of Artsakh population to 250-300 thousand
 Monday, February 19 2018 15:34

Head of Hay Dat office and political issues of  ARFD Bureau Giro Manoyan in his interview with ArmInfo discusses the latest developments around the conflict in Syria, the Kurdish factor in this conflict. He shares his vision of Armenia's interests in the direction of neighboring Iran and Turkey, as well as the point of view regarding the most possible settlement of the conflict around Artsakh,  procceding of the  interests of  Armenians

Erikas Petrikas: If there are many, very many good examples, then everything around will begin to change
 Friday, February 16 2018 10:28

On February 16, the Lithuanian people will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Lithuanian State. On this day in 1918, at a meeting in Vilnius, the Lithuanian Council, authorized by the people, claimed the restoration of an independent democratic Lithuanian sState.

Armen Martirosyan: SerzhSargsyan`s aspiration to play first fiddle deprives him of trusting even his closest team
 Thursday, February 15 2018 18:32

The deputy chairman of the Heritage party, Armen Martirosyan, in an interview with ArmInfo comments on the recent domestic political processes in Armenia. He shares his vision of the role and functions of the future President of the country, justifies the desire of the incumbent president to become prime minister, comments on internal political processes in neighboring Azerbaijan.

Rasim Mousabekov: Earlier appointment for presidential elections in Azerbaijan may allow reaching some breakthrough in Karabakh talks this year
 Monday, February 12 2018 16:52

ArmInfo. In his interview with  ArmInfo news agency, Azerbaijani MP, lawmaker  RasimMousabekov discusses the latest internal  political flows in  Azerbaijan. He shares his vision of the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, the geopolitical situation around the South Caucasus, Iran, the possibilities of projections of  Middle East unsustainability  in our region.

Ashot Manucharyan: Karabakh conflict is the best explosive pulse undermining the fantastic alliance of  Russia, Iran and Turkey
 Monday, February 5 2018 18:26

ArmInfo.Мember of “Karabakh Committee” , adviser to the first President of Armenia on national security issues Ashot  Manucharyan in an interview with   ArmInfo discusses the logic of recent events in the Middle East, the Kurdish factor, real beneficiaries of global policy processes. He talks about the place of Armenia in the global system of political coordinates, the threats to national security of the country, predicts a change in Armenia's external perception and management.


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