Yerevan Municipality urged employees of "Greening and Environmental  Protection" SNCO not to mislead public with false facts

 Monday, May 25 2020 14:47
Yerevan Municipality urged employees of

ArmInfo.Press Secretary of Yerevan Mayor Hakob Karapetyan urged employees of the "Greening and Environmental Protection" SNCO not to mislead the public with false  facts.

Agriculture Minister on government`s readiness to allow additional  water release from Sevan: Let me refuse answering this question
 Thursday, August 23 2018 15:25

ArmInfo."Allow me not to answer this question," Armenian Minister of Agriculture Artur Khachatryan told reporters on August 23, when he was asked by journalists why the current government, which  had criticized the former government for  water release from Sevan, is doing the same after coming to power.

Premier: If there really is a water mafia in Armenia, it must  capitulate as soon as possible
 Thursday, August 23 2018 14:35

ArmInfo.The Armenian government approved amendments to the law on the approval of the annual and comprehensive programs of measures to restore, preserve,  reproduce and use the ecosystem of Lake Sevan at a meeting on August  23. According to the Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural  Resources of the Republic of Armenia Artur Grigoryan, the bill, which  in due course will be sent to the National Assembly and considered at  an extraordinary session of the parliament on August 28, provides for  increasing the water intake from Lake Sevan from the current 170  million to 210 million cubic meters. , according to the minister, is  necessary to provide farmers with sufficient volumes of irrigation  water.

Armenian government does not intend to initiate process of additional  water release from Lake Sevan
 Thursday, August 2 2018 16:22

ArmInfo.Additional water intake from Lake Sevan will not be conducted until the permission of the National Assembly of Armenia is received, Minister of Agriculture of  Armenia Artur Khachatryan told journalists on August 2. In the  meantime, the State Committee on Water System of Armenia intends to  make an additional water release from Lake Sevan amounting to 2 40  million cubic meters, while the environmentalists are against, noting  the deplorable state of the main source of fresh water in the region  and the possible water apocalypse in the republic.

Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia will continue to purchase water  only in glass bottles
 Wednesday, August 1 2018 16:19

ArmInfo.Armenian Agriculture Ministry joined the company initiated by the Ministry of Nature Protection, against the using of disposable plastic products. 

Expert: Sabotage against Lydian Armenia poses investment risks
 Friday, July 27 2018 17:23

ArmInfo. Illegal blockade of roads to Amulsar is not only fraught with environmental, social, economic consequences, but also poses risks that can seriously damage Armenia's investment rating. Lydian Armenia's Social Sustainability Manager Nara Ghazaryan expressed this opinion in a conversation with ArmInfo when asked to comment on the situation related to blockade of the road to the field, undertaken by a number of green activists.

Head of the Ministry of Nature Protection: the problem of Sevan  fouling by algae is due not only to the high temperature background
 Thursday, July 26 2018 13:34

ArmInfo. The problem of Sevan fouling by algae is due not only to the high temperature background. Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan told journalists on July 26.

Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia and Czech Ambassador to  Armenia discussed ways of cooperation in the field of ecology
 Wednesday, July 25 2018 17:38

ArmInfo.Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan received a delegation led by Czech Ambassador to Armenia Petr Mikyska.

The company Lydian Armenia refutes the information of the "Armenian  Ecological Front"
 Wednesday, July 25 2018 11:08

ArmInfo. The company Lydian Armenia refutes the information distributed by the organization "Armenian Ecological Front" about the Amulsar project. According to  the press service of Lydian Armenia, the information says that video  materials about a building explosion on the territory of the heap  leaching site at the Amulsar deposit have allegedly been found, and  the dust from the explosion allegedly reaches the communities  adjacent to the deposit and the city of Jermuk.

Lydian Armenia is deprived of opportunity to conduct environmental  management because of illegal blockade of roads leading to Amulsar  deposit 
 Friday, July 20 2018 14:48

ArmInfo.Because of illegal blockade of roads leading to Amulsar deposit Lydian Armenia company is deprived of opportunity to conduct environmental management, the third letter sent to the authorized bodies by the company reads.

Activists opposing Amulsar deposit development act with unchecked  information
 Thursday, July 12 2018 20:13

ArmInfo. As a result of the  complaints submitted by the activists against Lydian Armenia in the  Office of the Advocate's Advisor on Compliance, Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan, during his visit to Vayots Dzor, was informed that the  Amulsar Program did not properly assess the impact of the field's  operation on the tourist brand Jermuk, and that the International  Finance Corporation (IFC) refused to finance the project due to the  identified environmental problems by the Office. <This statement is  not true>, is noted in the official statement of the company Lydian  Armenia.

Lydian Armenia responded to activists with a statement on impact of  Amulsar project on Jermuk community
 Tuesday, July 10 2018 21:05

ArmInfo. In view of the fact that last week in Jermuk several activists told Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that Lydian Armenia never held any public discussions in  the community of the resort town of Jermuk, moreover, did not  recognize Jermuk as a community adjacent to the project, the company  spoke with counterclaim. This is stated in the official message of  Lydian Armenia.

Minister of Nature Protection is against the development of the  mining industry in Armenia in large volumes
 Tuesday, July 10 2018 19:50

ArmInfo."I am against the development of the mining industry in Armenia in such large volumes," the Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia Eric  Grigoryan told journalists.

Armenia follows path of banning use of disposable plastic products
 Tuesday, July 10 2018 15:37

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the use of disposable plastic products will be banned. This was reported by the Minister of Nature Protection Eric Grigoryan on 10 July in an  interview with reporters.

From 25 to 29 June the environment suffered damaged of 101,725,778  AMD
 Friday, July 6 2018 18:18

ArmInfo. During the inspections  carried out by the Ministry of Nature Protection from 25 to 29 June  it was found that 14 offenses were committed during this period of  time.

Expert: The risks of the Amulsar program are underestimated, it needs  revision
 Wednesday, June 20 2018 19:55

ArmInfo. The risks of the Amulsar program are underestimated.  The deposit is dominated by rocks that absorb and emit acid, which threatens biodiversity, and  human health. This during a presentation on June 20, which presented  the results of a study of the documents of Lydian International,  which operates the gold deposit in Amulsar, said the American expert  on environmental issues, Dr. Anne Maest.

Governmental Commission to study situation in Teghut deposit 
 Thursday, June 14 2018 13:08

ArmInfo.The Armenian Environemntal Front has applied to the Minister of Energy  Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia Artur Grigoryan calling to provide documents on suspention of all mining activities by Teghut CJSC, the statement of the Front reads.  Besides, according to the statement the organization intends to receive the results of study of  the agreement on withdrawal of guarantees from PensionDenmark amounted to $62 mln, provided to Teghut CJSC by the VTB Bank as a loan.

Armenia and Iran have huge potential for cooperation in environmental  field
 Tuesday, June 12 2018 16:13

ArmInfo. There is a huge potential for cooperation between Armenia and Iran in the field of envorinment protection, which is not being fully used, Minister of  Nature Protection of Armenia Erik Grigoryan stated at the meeting  with Iran's Ambassador to Armenia Seyyed Kazem Sajjadi on June 12. 

Vice Prime Minister: government delegation to visit Amulsar
 Wednesday, June 6 2018 13:11

ArmInfo.Representatives of the government June 6 under the leadership of the Minister of Nature Protection Eric Grigoryan will visit Amulsar. Armenian Deputy Prime  Minister Tigran Avinyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Cooperation with Germany in the field of environmental protection is  expanding
 Wednesday, May 30 2018 17:44

ArmInfo. The Minister of Nature Protection, Erik Grigoryan, met with the delegation headed by Carsten Schultz, the head of the group of the German Agency for International  Cooperation "Integrated Biodiversity Management in the South  Caucasus".

From May 21 to 25, the environment suffered damaged worth 3.5mln AMD
 Wednesday, May 30 2018 17:43

ArmInfo. During the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Nature Protection from May 21 to 25, 17 violations were found.


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