Minister: environmental and climate change programs are a significant  part of  Armenia - European Union relations. 

 Wednesday, February 26 2020 12:38
Minister: environmental and climate change programs are a significant  part of  Armenia - European Union relations. 

ArmInfo. In Armenia-European Union relations, a significant component is  environmental and climate change programs. This was announced on  February 26 at the hearings in the Parliament of the Republic of  Armenia on the implementation of the comprehensive and expanded  partnership agreement (CEPA) with the EU, Minister of the Environment  Eric Grigoryan stated. 

President`s personnel carefully examines the complaints of  environmentalists regarding implementation of the program of Amulsar  deposit
 Thursday, May 24 2018 17:12

ArmInfo. Staff members of the Armenian President's apparatus carefully study the documents with the complaints of environmentalists regarding the implementation of the investment program for the development of the gold mine Amulsar. This was announced by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on May 24 in Yerevan in an interview with journalists after the awarding ceremony to the laureates of the President's Award for 2017.

Rumors that trees were cut down in the Botanical Garden of Yerevan  are untrue
 Thursday, May 24 2018 12:14

ArmInfo. Rumors that 500 trees were cut down in the Yerevan Botanical Garden are not true. Deputy Director of the A.Tahtajyan Botanical Institute, Sahak Vardanyan,  told ArmInfo about this, referring to publications in the media that trees were cut down in the garden for the purpose of building an entertainment complex.

Nikol Pashinyan announced the beginning of environmental inspections  at mines and mineral deposits in Armenia
 Wednesday, May 23 2018 12:11

ArmInfo. "In the near future, I will instruct the authorities to start inspections on the exploited mines and mineral deposits in Armenia," Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on his Facebook page.

Armenia counts on increasing assistance from German government for  environmental programs
 Tuesday, May 15 2018 19:10

ArmInfo. Armenia is considered one of the rare regions of the world rich in biodiversity. On May 15, the newly appointed Minister of Nature Protection, Erik Grigoryan, received Johannes Dopfelin and German Ambassador to Armenia Matthias  Kiesler, referring to the issues of Armenia in the Federal Ministry  for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.

The Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia forms a bank of experts  in the field of ecology
 Tuesday, May 15 2018 13:51

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia forms a bank of experts in the field of ecology. Representative of the department Armen Vardanyan stated this on his Facebook page.

German KfW Bank to provide Armenia with grant for biodiversity and  forestry development 
 Wednesday, May 2 2018 18:16

ArmInfo. The German bank KfW will provide Armenia with a grant of 23 million EUR for the development of biodiversity and forestry. This, according to the press service of  the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, was agreed by the Acting head of the department Erik Grigoryan and director of the KfW department for Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia Olaf Zimerka on April 30 during a working visit to Germany.

A criminal case was appealed on charges of abuse of official  authority of Sevan National Park 
 Wednesday, April 25 2018 18:25

ArmInfo. According to the results of the audit conducted by the RA Control Chamber, a number of violations of state interests were revealed, in particular with regard to the use of funds allocated from the state budget and state property management of the National Park of Sevan of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia.

Arsen Harutyunyan: The volume of accumulated water in the reservoirs  of Armenia is 100 million cubic meters less than the desired rate
 Monday, April 9 2018 18:01

ArmInfo. As of today, the water reservoirs in Armenia are filled with 52%. Meanwhile, the more favorable in terms of sediment, the year 2016, provided an indicator  at 65%.  Answering the question of ArmInfo, the head of the State  Committee for Water Economy of Armenia Arsen Harutyunyan stated this  on April 8 at a meeting with journalists.

Head of Water Management Committee: do not worry about the quality of  drinking water supplied to the population
 Monday, April 9 2018 17:38

ArmInfo. There is no problem with drinking water quality in Yerevan.  Answering the question of ArmInfo, the chairman of the State Water Management Committee of  Armenia Arsen Harutyunyan stated at the seminar on April 8. According  to him, every month the department receives information from the  Ministry of Health of Armenia regarding the quality of drinking  water.

Ministry of Nature Protection discussed "Amulsar" operation program  
 Friday, March 30 2018 18:41

ArmInfo.At a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Nature Protection today, the issue of efficient use of the resources of the Amulsar gold mine was  discussed.

Additional water releases from Lake Sevan are likely to exceed last  year`s volume
 Thursday, March 22 2018 15:01

ArmInfo.If the existing weather conditions are preserved, the additional water intake from Lake Sevan will probably exceed last year's volumes. "As of March 22, about 39%  of the required norm has been accumulated in the reservoirs of  Armenia, instead of 47.2% in 2017 and 58% in 2016.

Armenian environmentalist is concerned about the state of the  country`s water resources
 Thursday, March 22 2018 13:37

ArmInfo.Ecologist, water resources specialist Knarik Hovhannisyan is concerned about the state of water resources in Armenia. 

Karine Danielyan: Building a sauna in the forest zone is completely  unacceptable for me 
 Wednesday, March 21 2018 18:06

ArmInfo. "For me, it is absolutely  unacceptable to build saunas and hotels in the forest," said  ecologist, chairman of the association "For Sustainable Human  Development" Karine Danielyan, speaking about the main points of  controversy in the program of forest development in Armenia for  2018-2020.

The process of solid waste management will be regulated in Armenia
 Wednesday, March 21 2018 11:30

ArmInfo. The process of management of solid waste will be regulated in Armenia. Amendments to the Law on Waste, On Garbage Collection and Sanitation, and the Code  on Administrative Offenses were introduced at the RA National Assembly on March 21 in the first reading.

The monitoring of violations in the sphere of ecology and subsoil in  Armenia will be carried out by a single body
 Wednesday, March 21 2018 11:24

ArmInfo.In Armenia, control over violations in the sphere of ecology and subsoil will be carried out by a single body - inspection of environmental control and  subsoil.  Corresponding amendments to the Law on Environmental Control and related laws were made at the RA National Assembly on March 21 in the second and final reading.

“Amulsar: New Script” Documentary Full Version
 Monday, March 19 2018 16:45

ArmInfo.Lydian Armenia is glad to present a short documentary on the Amulsar project environmental management. The 20 minute documentary is aimed at answering some of the frequently asked questions on the environmental protection methods we implement at Amulsar.

State suffered damage of 3 million AMD due to illegal tree cutting in  "Hayantar"  
 Friday, March 2 2018 16:20

ArmInfo.In the "Hayantar" organization during regular inspections, a fact of illegal logging of 69 trees was discovered.

Armenia defined criteria for assessing environmental impact in construction and operation of small hydropower plants
 Thursday, March 1 2018 18:49

ArmInfo. Armenia has defined the criteria for assessing the environmental impact in the construction and operation of small hydroelectric power plants. The relevant resolution was approved at a government meeting on March 1.

Sweden expressed readiness to raise to a qualitatively new level cooperation with Armenia in ecology field
 Monday, February 26 2018 18:52

ArmInfo. Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Artsvik Minasyan received a delegation headed by the Ambassador of Sweden to Armenia Martina Quick. As the press service of the Ministry of Environment Protection told ArmInfo, Minasyan expressed gratitude for the effective cooperation between the two countries in solving environmental problems.

Armenia has approved procedure for environmental monitoring and publication of results by subsoil users
 Thursday, February 22 2018 15:27

ArmInfo. The Armenian government approved the procedure for monitoring and publication of results by subsoil users at a meeting on February 22 to reduce environmental losses.


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