Andrea Wiktorin: The EU stands ready to assist Armenia in the  effective implementation of the government`s priorities

 Saturday, January 23 2021 13:05
Andrea Wiktorin: The EU stands ready to assist Armenia in the  effective implementation of the government`s priorities

ArmInfo.The EU stands ready to assist Armenia in the effective implementation of the government's priorities. EU Ambassador to Armenia Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin stated this  during the meeting with Minister of the Environment of the Republic  of Armenia Romanos Petrosyan.

WRI: Armenia ranks 17th in the list of countries with high water  shortages
 Tuesday, August 6 2019 17:45

ArmInfo.Armenia was on the 34th place in the list of 164 countries of the world where there is a shortage of water. This is stated in the report of the World  Resources Institute (WRI), published on Tuesday, August 6.

On the fact of contamination of stork plumage in the Ararat region,  administrative proceedings were instituted
 Tuesday, July 30 2019 12:50

ArmInfo. In the inspection body of nature protection and subsoil, administrative proceedings have been instituted on the fact of contamination of stork feathers in the  community of Hovtashen of the Ararat region.

Environmental state of Lake Sevan and illegal logging in forest areas  were discussed at a meeting of the Nature Protection Ministry`s  Public Council
 Tuesday, July 23 2019 13:55

ArmInfo. The issues of the ecological status of Lake Sevan and the prevention of illegal logging in forest arrays of Armenia were discussed yesterday at a meeting of the Public  Council under the Minister of the Nature Protection.

Expert: Sevan cleaning stations only exacerbate lake pollution
 Wednesday, July 17 2019 16:50

ArmInfo. One of the main causes of Sevan pollution is the discharge of sewage into the lake from almost all of Gegharkunik's settlements. On July 17, during the working discussion "Problems of Lake Sevan and ways to solve them", initiated  by the Prosperous Armenia Party, Chairman of two committees on Lake  Sevan Ecosystem Preservation both by Armenian President and National  Academy of Sciences of Armenia Yuri Javadyan stated.

Head of Ministry of Healthcare believes that Lake Sevan is gradually  self-cleaning; experts do not think so
 Tuesday, July 16 2019 17:25

ArmInfo.The process of self-purification of Lake Sevan continues, Armenian Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan said on his Facebook page.

Ecologist: On the issue of Sevan, it is necessary from words proceed  to action
 Tuesday, July 16 2019 16:53

ArmInfo.The civil society has been talking about the problem of Sevan for many years, and today urgent steps need to be taken to save it. Inga Zarafyan, president of   "EcoLur" Informational NGO  reported this on July 16 at the press  conference in Yerevan.

RA Deputy Prime Minister: Climate change threatens Lake Sevan
 Tuesday, July 16 2019 11:07

ArmInfo. Climate change threatens Lake Sevan, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said at a conference on investing in a "climate economy" and energy  efficiency in the context of implementing sustainable development  goals.

Tigran Avinyan in New York will be the main speaker at the discussion  of energy efficiency and environmental protection issues
 Monday, July 15 2019 18:13

ArmInfo.Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan today at the UN headquarters in New York will be the main speaker at the discussion of energy efficiency, innovation and environmental issues. The round table will be held in  the framework of the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable  Development under the auspices of ECOSOC.

Minister: Lake Sevan level increased by 1 cm, and the process of  "flowering" slowed down
 Thursday, July 11 2019 16:57

ArmInfo. The level of Lake Sevan  in Armenia increased by 1 cm.  On this July 11, at a press conference  in Yerevan, Minister of the Environment Eric Grigoryan stated.

Minister: Armenian government will be consistent in its fight against  illegal deforestation
 Wednesday, July 10 2019 11:39

ArmInfo. The Armenian government will be consistent in its fight against illegal  deforestation, Minister of the Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan said  on July 10, introducing the draft amendments in the Criminal Code and  in a package of related laws aimed at toughening measures for illegal  deforestation. It should be noted that the country's parliament  agreed with the legislative initiative of the government, having  adopted the package in the second and final reading.  

Minister: The state will allocate funds for cleaning up Lake Sevan
 Tuesday, July 9 2019 12:28

ArmInfo.The state will allocate funds for cleaning up Lake Sevan.  The Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan said this on July 9 at National Assembly of  the Republic of Armenia commenting on the waterlogging of the lake.

Minister: Economic expectations from an investment program are often  fraught with environmental risks
 Tuesday, July 9 2019 12:03

ArmInfo. Economic expectations from an investment program are often fraught with environmental risks. This was stated on July 9 at the extraordinary meeting of the  National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia by the Minister of  Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan, speaking about the results of the  preliminary examination on the Amulsar deposit.  

Armenia turned to UNESCO with a proposal to give Sevan status
 Thursday, July 4 2019 17:09

ArmInfo. In 2019, the water withdrawal from Sevan Lake is significantly inferior to last year's volumes - as of today, by 15-20 million cubic meters. Nevertheless,  the presence of a number of factors continues to damage the lake's  ecosystem.

Minister: In 2019, water releases from Lake Sevan will not exceed 170  million cubic meters
 Thursday, June 6 2019 13:19

ArmInfo. In 2019, water releases from Lake Sevan will not exceed 170 million cubic meters. The decision was made at a meeting of the RA government.

Eric Grigoryan: Secondary waters of fish farms in Armenia will be  directed to supply irrigation systems
 Wednesday, June 5 2019 18:31

ArmInfo. The secondary waters of the fish farms of Armenia will be used to supply irrigation systems. 

The Minister of Nature Protection in Paris took part in the UNESCO  International Conference on Water Resources
 Thursday, May 16 2019 18:59

ArmInfo.On May 13-14, in Paris, Minister of Nature Protection Eric Grigoryan took part in the UNESCO International Conference on Water Resources, which aims to promote the water security of states.According to the press service of the  Ministry, delegations from more than 124 UNESCO member states, 37  ministers, as well as representatives of business sphere, donor  organizations and large scientific institutions took part in the  conference.

Caucasus Nature Fund allocated 300 thousand euros to specially  protected areas of Armenia
 Monday, April 29 2019 17:35

ArmInfo.The Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) carried out the first in 2019 transfers of about 330 thousand euros, in particular for the protection and efficient management of  the Khosrov Forest state reserve (110 thousand euros), the Zangezur  biosphere complex (92 thousand euros), national parks (87  thousand euros) and < Arpi Lake > (40 thousand euros).

Armenia and China signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation  in the field of ecology
 Monday, April 29 2019 17:26

ArmInfo. At the invitation of the Chinese side, on April 25-27, RA Minister of Nature Protection Eric Grigoryan took part in the 2nd " One Belt One Road" international conference.

Organization: During the period from 2014 to 2016, in Armenia has  been illegally felling 3000 trees
 Wednesday, April 10 2019 09:34

ArmInfo.During the period from 2014 to 2016, in Armenia has been felling 3000 trees. Anna Khachatryan, a member of the Armenian Environmental Front, announced this during a press conference, presenting monitoring data on the identified  violations of the forest ecosystem of Armenia during the period  2014-2016. At the same time, she stressed that the leadership of  Hayantar SNCO initially refuted the signals regarding the illegal  deforestations of trees identified during the indicated period.

In 2019, 150-180 million cubic meters of water will flow into Lake  Sevan through Arpa-Sevan water- engineering complex 
 Thursday, April 4 2019 10:48

ArmInfo. In 2019, through the hydrotechnical complex Arpa- Sevan, 150-180 million cubic meters of water will flow into Lake Sevan. This was reported to the Minister of  Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia  Suren Papikyan, who had taken part in the first releases of water  into Lake Sevan yesterday.