RA Police: At the moment there are no closed roads in Yerevan

 Friday, September 22 2023 12:02
RA Police: At the moment there are no closed roads in Yerevan

ArmInfo. Due to developments (disobedience) held in the morning, certain streets in  Yerevan were blocked for a short time.

“GeoProMining Gold” organized an introductory tour for YSU and high school students in the Ararat Gold Recovery Plant
 Wednesday, December 7 2022 12:30

ArmInfo."GPM Gold" company gives priority to the issue of personnel training. Recently senior students of the Department of Chemistry of Yerevan State University and high school students from Ararat community paid visit to the company plant.

BeechCraft 95 private plane that crashed in Armenia was on  Yerevan-Astrakhan route
 Thursday, December 1 2022 15:43

ArmInfo. We inform you that on December 1 of this year, at 13:11 local time, the connection with the private BeechCraft 95 type aircraft flying in the direction of  Yerevan Astrakhan was interrupted. This is stated in the message of  the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

Poll: To counter Azerbaijani aggression, it is necessary to arm and  fight back
 Tuesday, November 29 2022 16:37

ArmInfo. The vast majority of respondents in Armenia are convinced that in order to counter the Azerbaijani aggression, it is necessary to arm and give a worthy  rebuff, thereby protecting the state borders of the country. This is  evidenced by the results of the "Water wears away the stone" survey,  conducted by the MPG consulting company (Marketing Professional Group  - the exclusive representative of the International Association  GALLUP in Armenia).

Poll: Armenia is against granting the population of Artsakh the  status of an ethnic minority within Azerbaijan
 Tuesday, November 29 2022 16:36

ArmInfo.The vast majority of respondents in Armenia oppose granting the population of Artsakh the status of an ethnic minority within Azerbaijan. This is evidenced  by the results of the "Water wears away the stone" survey, conducted  by the MPG consulting company (Marketing Professional Group - the  exclusive representative of the International Association GALLUP in  Armenia).

Poll: About half of the country`s respondents do not support any  political force in Armenia
 Tuesday, November 29 2022 16:34

ArmInfo.Almost half of the population of Armenia does not support any political force in the country. This is evidenced by the results of the "Water wears away  the stone" survey, conducted by the consulting company MPG (Marketing  Professional Group - the exclusive representative of the  International Association GALLUP in Armenia).

Poll: Armenian citizens still rely on Russia, but are disappointed in  CSTO
 Tuesday, November 29 2022 14:30

ArmInfo.Armenian citizens still rely on Russia for military- political assistance. This is  evidenced by the results of the survey "Water wears away the stone",  conducted by the MPG consulting company (Marketing Professional Group  - the exclusive representative of the International Association  GALLUP in Armenia).

Casinos could return to Armenia`s capital 
 Thursday, November 24 2022 17:33

ArmInfo. Legislation by Armenia's authorities will allow casinos to return to Yerevan. 

Garik  Israelian : The best Starmus was held in Armenia
 Friday, November 18 2022 20:34

ArmInfo.As a result of the  global festival of science communication and art  Starmus VI, the leading universities of Armenia signed more than 10 memorandums,  established personal ties with world-famous scientists. Chief of  Staff to the Prime Minister of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan stated this  during a press conference, summing up the results of the global  festival held in September.

Creative Armenia art foundation announces fundraising support young  Armenian artists
 Tuesday, November 15 2022 16:59

ArmInfo. The Creative Armenia foundation has announced fundraising to support young Armenian artists. The fund is offering several opportunities for  artists to acquire necessary instruments and skills, including  funding, mentorships, industry connections, and promotion for  innovative artists of Armenian origin or international artists who  have a demonstrated interest in Armenian culture. 

National Institute-Museum of Architecture hosts exhibition dedicated  to 100th anniversary of Philanum
 Monday, November 14 2022 18:02

ArmInfo.National Institute-Museum of Architecture after Alexander Tamanian hosted an opening ceremony of an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary  of the Philanum (Union of Philatelists and Numismatists). The  exhibition has been organized with the sponsorship of the Ministry of  Hi-Tech Industry. ACBA Bank is the major partner.  

Mariam Mkrtchyan becomes European U18 Chess Champion
 Monday, November 14 2022 10:15

ArmInfo. Armenian chess player Mariam Mkrtchyan won the title of European champion ahead of schedule after winning the 8th round of the European U18 Championship in Antalya, Turkey. This was reported by the Ministry of Education,  Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia.

European University of Armenia holds opening of the INOTEC European  research laboratories
 Wednesday, November 9 2022 11:56

ArmInfo.The European University of Armenia held an official opening of the INOTEC European research laboratories. 

Judge concerned over overworking courts 
 Tuesday, November 8 2022 20:19

ArmInfo. Overworking is one of the major problems of Armenian courts, Judge Anna Pilosyan stated at the hearing organized by the Standing Committee on Human Rights. 

UNFPA: there is still a problem associated with selective abortion in  Armenia
 Monday, November 7 2022 16:41

ArmInfo.. In Armenia, there is still a problem associated with selective abortions based on the sex of the child. This was stated on November 7 at a press conference  in Yerevan by coordinator of the Program to Combat Gender  Discrimination of the United Nations Population Fund Zaruhi Tonoyan.

Armenian gymnast Artur Davtyan wins World Championship 
 Monday, November 7 2022 11:37

ArmInfo.Armenian gymnast Artur Davtyan has won gold in the vault event at the World Championship in Liverpool.

Armenian police confirm report of beating of politician Edgar  Ghazaryan
 Tuesday, October 18 2022 15:31

ArmInfo. The Armenian police confirm the report about the beating of politician Edgar Ghazaryan.

Lawyer Erik Aleksanyan detained in Yerevan
 Monday, October 17 2022 23:08

ArmInfo.Lawyer Erik Aleksanyan was detained in Yerevan.

ARARAT wins prestigious international World Travel Awards
 Monday, October 17 2022 18:03

ArmInfo.ARARAT Museum won World Travel Awards and got recognized as "Europe's Leading Brandy Distillery Tour".

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, reAarmenia sign  Memorandum of Cooperation 
 Thursday, October 13 2022 13:38

ArmInfo. Today, on October 13, The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation and reAarmenia collaboration platform signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC).   According to the press service of the Foundation, with this MoC The  FUTURE ARMENIAN Foundation and reArmenia confirm their common goal to  contribute to sustainable development and prosperity of Armenia by  effective collaboration among all Armenians. 

Mar Ava: During the 44-day war, representatives of the Assyrian  community also took part in the defense of the Motherland
 Wednesday, October 12 2022 11:15

ArmInfo.Friendly relations and inter-church ties between the Armenian and Assyrian peoples go back centuries. H.E. Karekin the Second Supreme Patriarch and  Catholicos of All Armenians  said this at a meeting with a delegation  headed by Catholicos- Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East  Mar Ava G. Royel.