Ministry of Healthcare: Due to the coronavirus, control over Iranian  citizens arriving in Armenia strengthened

 Friday, February 21 2020 15:56
Ministry of Healthcare: Due to the coronavirus, control over Iranian  citizens arriving in Armenia strengthened

ArmInfo.Due to the coronavirus, control over Iranian citizens arriving in Armenia has  been strengthened.

Minister: The concept of introducing medical insurance in Armenia is  being revised
 Friday, January 31 2020 14:42

ArmInfo.The concept of introducing medical insurance in Armenia is at the stage of review, and in 2-3 months it will be posted again for review on a single  portal of legal documents RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen  Torosyan announced this at a January 31 press conference.

Minister: Entry of Chinese citizens into the territory of Armenia may  be restricted due to the coronavirus outbreak
 Friday, January 31 2020 13:45

ArmInfo.In the near future, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia will make a statement regarding the possible restriction of the entry of Chinese citizens  into the territory of the republic in connection with the new-type  coronavirus 2019-nCoV. RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan  announced this at a January 31 press conference.

Driving along the section of the Sotk-Karvachar road and through the  Vardenyats pass is still difficult for all types of vehicles
 Friday, January 31 2020 11:54

ArmInfo. There are impassable roads in the territory of Armenia at 09:45 a.m. local  time.

Armenian Police: In January, 138 drivers lost their driver`s license  due to drunk driving
 Friday, January 31 2020 10:58

ArmInfo. In the period from January 1 to 29 of this year, 138 drivers lost their driver's  license due to drunk driving.

During 2019, weapons, ammunition and jewelry were discovered at the  Zvartnots airport
 Thursday, January 30 2020 13:32

ArmInfo. During 2019, employees of the Aviation Security Service of Zvartnots International Airport found one weapon and 111 rounds. This is stated in a message  posted on the airport's Facebook page.

The air temperature in Armenia will rise by 5-6 degrees at night on  January 31, and will decrease by the day of February 1
 Thursday, January 30 2020 13:30

ArmInfo. On the night of January 31, as well as from February 2 to 4, precipitation weather is expected in the territory of Armenia. This was reported by the press  service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Armenia.

The rights of mentally ill citizens of Armenia will be regulated at  the legislative level
 Thursday, January 30 2020 12:01

ArmInfo. The rights of mentally ill citizens of Armenia will be regulated at the legislative  level.

Earthquake in Armenia
 Thursday, January 30 2020 10:59

ArmInfo. An earthquake occurred in Armenia on January 30. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Vardenyats pass and the Sotk-Karvachar highway are impassable for all  types of vehicles
 Thursday, January 30 2020 10:59

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that on January 30, as of 08:00, there are impassable roads in Armenia.

RA Ministry of Healthcare: Chinese tourists hospitalized in Yerevan  do not have a coronavirus 
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 18:50

ArmInfo. The RA Ministry of Healthcare stated that Chinese tourists hospitalized inYerevan do not have a coronavirus . This is stated on the official page of the  department on Facebook.   <We officially refute that patients have the virus . The  hospitalized citizens of China do not have any clinical signs  inherent in the coronavirus: fever, headache, general weakness,  cough. Moreover, as a result of radiography of pneumonia, it was not  diagnosed>, the message noted.

Japan International Cooperation Agency donated 22 fire engines to MES  of Armenia
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 17:58

ArmInfo.The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) donated 22 fire engines to the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Shuttle bus from Tehran to Yerevan got into an accident near Tabriz:  There are no RA citizens among the victims
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 16:38

ArmInfo.Shuttle bus Tehran - Yerevan -Tehran got into a traffic accident near Tabriz. According to the Armenian Embassy in Iran, passenger transportation on the  above route is carried out by the Iranian company Iran Payam-e Nur. 

Armenian Ombudsman concerned about gross violations of right to a  fair trial
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 15:29

ArmInfo.Armenian Ombudsman Tatoyan summed up the complaints of citizens regarding the consideration of cases in courts within a reasonable time. In  particular, the complaints relate to the fact that the consideration  of cases in the courts lasts several years, the constitutional human  right is violated, and no one bears responsibility for this.

Deputy Minister: There is constant communication with the RA  citizens, who are in the Chinese province of Hubei, in connection  with the coronavirus
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 14:56

ArmInfo.To date, 6 citizens of Armenia are in the city of Wuhan, the Chinese province of Hubei, from where the spread of the new type of 2019-nCoV coronavirus began.   Deputy Healthcare Minister of the Republic of Armenia Lena Nanushyan  announced this at a January 29 press conference.

Two Chinese citizens are hospitalized to a separate isolation ward of  Infectious Clinical Hospital in Yerevan
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 14:33

ArmInfo. Two Chinese citizens are hospitalized to a separate isolation ward of  the "Nork" Republican Infectious Clinical Hospital in Yerevan. Head of the  epidemiology of infectious diseases department of the National Center  for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Healthcare  Liana Torosyan announced this at a January 29 press conference.

Driving along the Sotk-Karvachar road section is still difficult for  all types of vehicles
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 11:45

ArmInfo. There are impassable roads in the territory of Armenia at 10:00 local time.

Several dozens of Ryanair Milan-Yerevan flight passengers were  rejected boarding
 Wednesday, January 29 2020 11:41

ArmInfo. On January 28, several dozens of passengers on the FR4456 Milan-Yerevan flight by Ryanair were denied boarding / registration on the plane.  It is  reported by with reference to its representative and  passengers at the airport of Milan. At the same time, a  representative of the organization informed that a similar situation  was due to the poor organization of the flight.

Deputy Prime Minister: COBRAIN Program will introduce best  international experience in Armenia
 Saturday, January 25 2020 10:22

ArmInfo. The "Neuroscience for Healthy Brain Aging - COBRAIN" program of the Center for Translation Studies of Chronic Neurodegenerative Diseases of Armenia  will allow for closer cooperation with European universities and  research centers and introduce the best international experience in  Armenia. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said this at  the first meeting of the COBRAIN program participants.

8.8% rise in crime recorded in Armenia in 2019
 Friday, January 24 2020 19:19

ArmInfo. In 2019, the total number of registered crimes in Armenia increased by 8.8% or by 2 172 cases (i.e. 26 850 cases against 24 678). As reported by the RA  Police press service, the Deputy Head of the Police Artur Martirosyan  said during the January 23 meeting of the board.

In 2019 SRC seized narcotic and psychotropic substances in amount of  $ 3 million
 Friday, January 24 2020 15:19

ArmInfo.During 2019, the State Revenue Committee of Armenia identified cases of illegal transport of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances worth over 1.5 billion  drams. Head of the anti-smuggling department of the SRC Vardan  Vardanyan, adding that in dollar terms the amount exceeds $ 3  million, announced this.


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