Armenia actually froze relations with CSTO; it is already established  fact

 Saturday, February 24 2024 13:20
Armenia actually froze relations with CSTO; it is already established  fact

ArmInfo.It is already established fact that Armenia has frozen relations with the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Armenian political scientist, director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan  told reporters on February 24, commenting on an interview with RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the freezing of relations with the CSTO.

Armenia not discussing NATO membership - premier  
 Monday, February 12 2024 12:30

ArmInfo. Armenia is not discussing NATO membership, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated  in an interview with The Telegraph. 

Azerbaijani president`s statements blow to peace process - Armenian  premier 
 Monday, February 12 2024 12:29

ArmInfo. The statements made by the President of Azerbaijan in an interview given to Azerbaijani TV  media at the beginning of January 2024 as a blow to the peace process, Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated in an interview with The Telegraph. 

Architecture and principles for peace agreement between Armenia and  Azerbaijan have been agreed upon - Armenian premier 
 Monday, February 12 2024 12:25

ArmInfo. The implementation of the agreements already reached and the signing of a peace treaty  between Armenia and Azerbaijan is possible after the presidential elections in Azerbaijan if Baku has the political will. The Armenian authorities, as before, have this political will, Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with The Telegraph. 

Armenia`s justice institutions do not instill sense of justice in  citizens: Pashinyan proposes to solve problem with new Constitution
 Saturday, February 10 2024 01:22

ArmInfo.The justice institutions are fully functioning in the Republic of Armenia, however, they still do not instill a sense of justice in citizens. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan expressed such an opinion in his  speech at a ceremony marking the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the Constitutional Court.

Hayk Marutyan: Under citizens` pressure, municipality removed fare  increase project from agenda
 Saturday, February 10 2024 01:19

ArmInfo.Under the pressure of the citizens, the municipality removed from its agenda the project  of increasing the public transport fares. Former Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan stated in a video message.

Armenia`s premier comments on closing of government offices in some  border communities 
 Friday, February 9 2024 15:17

ArmInfo.The process of optimizing the structural units of the Migration and Citizenship Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia has caused a lot of speculation. The optimization of the Meghri court gave rise to  political speculation, the same thing is happening with Vardenis, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated at a discussion of the Service's activities for last year. 

"Armenia" bloc has not yet discussed joining united front of struggle  for independence
 Friday, February 9 2024 15:16

ArmInfo.The "Armenia" bloc has not yet discussed the issue of joining the united front of the struggle for independence, the creation of which was announced the day before by Avetik Chalabyan (coordinator of the "Hayaqve" initiative - ed.), Chairman of the Armenia bloc Seyran Ohanyan told a briefing on February 9.

Armenia and Azerbaijan: elusive peace 
 Friday, February 9 2024 13:16

ArmInfo. In December 2023, it would seem that there were all the prerequisites for ending the  conflict, which became one of the triggers for the collapse of the USSR, and then the geopolitical destabilization of the Caucasus region.

Andranik Tevanyan: capital`s authorities raise fares without any  reforms
 Thursday, February 8 2024 19:08

ArmInfo.The mayor's office wants to increase prices for urban transport, this by  the fact that the unit cost of transporting passengers on new buses exceeds 100 drams. Leader of the Mother Armenia movement Andranik Tevanyan wrote on his Facebook page.

NA elects Arthur Atabekyan judge of Civil Chamber of Court of  Cassation of Armenia
 Thursday, February 8 2024 17:21

ArmInfo. National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia elected Artur Atabekyan as a judge of the  Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation of Armenia.

New constitution of Armenia envisages transition to fourth republic-  MP from ruling party
 Thursday, February 8 2024 16:52

ArmInfo. The new constitution of Armenia envisages a transition to a fourth republic. Vahagn Aleksanyan, MP from the ruling Civil Contract faction, told reporters on February 8.

Land owned by son of former governorr returned to state
 Thursday, February 8 2024 16:47

ArmInfo. A land plot of 2.4 hectares in the resort area in the village of Artavaz, Kotayk region,  was returned to the state and assigned to the State Property Committee. The resolution was adopted on February 8 at a meeting of the RA Cabinet of Ministers.

MP ruling power: If someone recognizes Armenian Genocide, then it is  done solely for political reasons
 Thursday, February 8 2024 16:45

ArmInfo.A new constitution of Armenia is necessary, first of all, for the current and future  generations. Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia from the ruling "Civil Contract" faction, the famous businessman Khachatur Sukiasyan, told reporters on February 8.

While Azerbaijan preparing new aggression, Armenia`s authorities  looking for new culprit 
 Thursday, February 8 2024 11:22

ArmInfo. While Azerbaijan and Turkey are openly preparing for a new aggression against Armenia,  creating the necessary external, political, military and propaganda background for this, the Armenian government is preparing for an operation "who will be the next culprit?" Tigran Abrahamyan of the opposition parliamentary faction With Honor wrote on his Facebook account. 

"Reality is that EU is our region," Armenia`s premier states 
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 19:32

ArmInfo.Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan states that the document on strategic partnership  between Armenia and Georgia reflects the will of the governments of the two countries to move forward on the entire agenda of relations. 

New Constitution Armenia`s domestic agenda - premier 
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 19:27

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan denies opposition accusations that he  initiated the adoption of a new constitution to fulfill Azerbaijan's precondition for signing a peace treaty.

Armenia`s government has no ready constitutional amendments at hand -  premier 
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 17:44

ArmInfo.Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan has explained the narrative of formation of the 4th Republic of Armenia in the context of the planned new Constitution. 

Will Armenia hold Azerbaijani president responsible? Armenia`s  minister of justice provides explanations 
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 17:43

ArmInfo. Work is underway in Armenia to collect and summarize the facts of crimes committed by  Azerbaijanis against the Armenian people for submission to the International Criminal Court, RA Minister of Justice Grigor Minasyan stated on February 7 during government hour in Armenia's Parliament  in response to MP from the opposition faction Armenia Artur Khachatryan.

"We don`t even know how it works":  ruling party MP on use of  administrative resources during constitutional referendum
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 16:55

ArmInfo. Chair of the Standing Committee on Financial -Credit, Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia Gevorg Papoyan, on February 7, in a conversation with journalists, commenting on the fears of opponents of the adoption of the new Constitution that the government would falsify and use administrative resources to ensure the desired result following the constitutional referendum, ruled out such a "prospect".

Without any hidden meanings: Alen Simonyan was not present at ruling  party`s session
 Wednesday, February 7 2024 16:55

ArmInfo.Chair of the Standing Committee on Financial - Credit, Budgetary Affairs of the National  Assembly of Armenia Gevorg Papoyan does not see anything extraordinary in the fact that Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan did not take part in the ruling Civil Contract party's session, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, yesterday.