100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour, Sergei Parajanov included in  UNESCO calendar of events

 Wednesday, November 22 2023 19:47
100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour, Sergei Parajanov included in  UNESCO calendar of events

ArmInfo. During the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Assembly in Paris from November 7 to  22, a decision was made to include the 100-year anniversaries of the births of Charles Aznavour and Sergei Parajanov in UNESCO's 2024 -2025 Jubilee of Famous People and Important Events.

The Will to Get Back on Your Feet Again: A movie that came out at the  right time
 Monday, January 31 2022 19:01

ArmInfo. On the day of the 30th anniversary of the Armenian army, on January 28, a documentary film directed by Vahe Sukiasyan The Will to Get Back on Your Feet  Again was screened at the "Moscow" cinema. The documentary was  released with the support of Araratbank OJSC.

Russian artist-restorer Nikolai Mikhailov is ready to provide expert  assistance to Armenia in restoration of frescoes
 Tuesday, December 14 2021 15:30

ArmInfo. Russian artist-restorer of monumental painting Nikolai Mikhailov arrived in  Armenia at the invitation of head of the Department for the  Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Ministry of  Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia, Harutyun Vanyan.

"Hakobavank Revival" project has been launched at reArmenia platform
 Wednesday, December 8 2021 14:05

ArmInfo.On the reArmenia platform (, "Hakobavank Revival"  project has been launched to restore an Armenian monastery of the 5th-7th centuries.    The project envisages raising funds for the restoration and  preservation of monastery as a unique monument of the Armenian  cultural heritage and the most ancient, historical and spiritual  value of Artsakh.  The monastery is located in the village of Kolatak  in the Martakert region of the Republic of Artsakh.

World famous Hard Rock CafeR brand to open in Yerevan
 Monday, December 6 2021 18:52

ArmInfo. The Armenian National Interests Fund  (ANIF) signed a franchise agreement with Hard Rock International to open the Hard Rock CafeR brand in Yerevan,  in cooperation with Food Republic.

Film about post-war life of Artsakh won award at Cannes Film Festival
 Friday, December 3 2021 16:30

ArmInfo.The "Desire to Live" documentary film of young director from Artsakh Mariam Avetisyan won the "Best Indigenous Peoples Film" nomination at the  Cannes World Film Festival. Mariam Avetisyan herself was recognized  as the "Best Director Documentary Feature". 

Hovik Afyan`s "Red" recognized as best fiction book in TCK Publishing  international contest
 Thursday, December 2 2021 13:36

ArmInfo.The last work of the modern Armenian writer Hovik Afyan "Red" ("Karmir") was recognized as the best fiction book in the TCK Publishing  international contest. As reported by the press service of the  Antares Media Holding, only Hovik Afyan represented Armenia at the  competition.

Artavazd Pelechian awarded IDFA Prize for his invaluable contribution  to field of cinematography
 Monday, November 22 2021 19:25

ArmInfo. Armenian director Artavazd Pelechian was awarded a special Life achievement award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - IDFA , for invaluable contribution to the field of cinematography.  According to  "Kinoashkhar", the award ceremony took place at the legendary cinema  in Amsterdam Tushinski.

"Armenia-France: Cultural Dialogue" exhibition opens in Yerevan
 Monday, October 18 2021 15:00

ArmInfo. The "Armenia-France: Cultural Dialogue" exhibition, organized by the  Yerevan Museum of Modern Art, has opened in Yerevan.

Armenia will take part in Moscow International Book Fair
 Thursday, September 23 2021 19:05

ArmInfo. Armenia takes part in the 34th Moscow International Book Fair, which runs from September 23 to September 27. Armenia's traditional participation in  the fair this year is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of  independence. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry  of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia.

Iranian contemporary films will be screened in Yerevan
 Thursday, September 23 2021 15:43

ArmInfo.Iranian contemporary films will be screened in Yerevan.  Thus, according to  the message received by ArmInfo, the cultural center of the Embassy  of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the RA and the National Center of  Armenia are holding "Days of Modern Iranian Cinema" the program.

Armenian archaeologists discovered late Bronze Age tombs in Vanadzor
 Thursday, September 9 2021 11:46

ArmInfo. In the course of construction work in the Khndzorut quarter of Vanadzor city, Lori region of the Republic of Armenia, tombs were discovered, through a  break in one of them, 5 jugs and urns, as well as bones of cattle  were extracted.

18th Golden Apricot IFF to kick off with Nadav Lapid`s "Ahed`s Knee"
 Friday, September 3 2021 19:00

ArmInfo.The 18th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival will be held on October 3-10, 2021. As the official website of the Film Festival reports, the  festival will kick off with the award-winning film "Ahed's Knee" by  Israeli award-winning director Nadav Lapid. The organizers of the  festival mentioned this during the first press conference dedicated  to the festival.

Vahram Dumanyan: The participation of internationally recognized artists in the cultural policy of Armenia is one of the priorities of the ministry
 Tuesday, August 31 2021 18:08

ArmInfo. The participation of internationally recognized artists in state cultural policy is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports).  This was stated by head of the department Vahram Dumanyan during a meeting with the People's Artist of Armenia, opera singer Barsegh Tumanyan.

Karen Durgaryan will hold position of acting Director of Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
 Tuesday, August 31 2021 16:04

ArmInfo. Conductor Karen Durgaryan will hold the position of the acting Director of the Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Alexander Spendiaryan. According to the press service of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, introducing the new head to the staff of the Academy of Opera and Ballet, deputy head of the department Ara Khzmalyan noted that there is no need to present in detail the activities of the Maestro, since Karen Durgaryan has been working at the Opera House for many years and is well acquainted with its features.

Opening ceremony of monument to Mahatma Gandhi took place in Yerevan
 Monday, August 16 2021 16:18

ArmInfo.A monument to Mahatma Gandhi, a political figure and spiritual leader of India, was opened on the territory of Buenos Aires Park in Yerevan.

Armenian government to allocate 36.8 million drams for holding annual  Golden Apricot film festival
 Thursday, July 29 2021 18:31

ArmInfo. The Armenian government will provide 36.8 million drams to the Ministry of  Education, Science, Culture and Sports, which in turn will allocate  funds to the "Golden Apricot of Cinema Development" NGO for holding  the most prestigious international film festival in the region  "Golden Apricot".

Archaeological tourism will be developed in the Berd community
 Monday, July 26 2021 14:01

ArmInfo.Archaeological excavations have begun on the territory of the Tavush fortress in the Berd community. According to the press service of the Ministry of  Education, Science, Culture and Sports (MoESCS), 10.6 million drams  were allocated for the work from the state budget, which was saved  from the funds allocated for the department for 2020. The excavations  are carried out by the "Institute of Archeology and Ethnography" SNCO  with the involvement of the residents of the community.

New restoration laboratory opened in Yerevan with support of JICA
 Friday, July 23 2021 18:16

ArmInfo. In Yerevan, with the  support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the  opening ceremony of a new restoration laboratory, equipped with  modern equipment, took place.

Duduk fell silent forever: Jivan Gasparyan passed away
 Tuesday, July 6 2021 13:43

ArmInfo. egend of Armenia, world famous and unsurpassed duduk master,  custodian of the musical heritage of the Armenian people Jivan Gasparyan, passed away at the  age of 93. Grandson of the musician Jivan Gasparyan Jr. announced the  sad news on his Facebook page.

You can`t talk about ballet, you need to watch it: Ballet dancer,  choreographer Vilen Galstyan passed away
 Saturday, June 5 2021 12:20

ArmInfo.On June 4, at the age of 80, a ballet dancer, choreographer, People's Artist of the Armenian SSR, chief choreographer of the Armenian National Academic Theatre of  Opera and Ballet named after Alexander Spendiaryan Vilen Galstyan  passed away.